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Welcome to JohnB's gallery
2006 F3C Euro Championships
Adrian Richmond at opening ceremony with Mayor
Horace Hagen
Julie Fisher & Adrian Richmond Event Organisers
Mayor on a meet and greet

Pilots View Left
Pilots View Forward
Pilots View Right
Heli lost in trees located

An early visitor to the field
Jury member Peter Keim and reserve judge Carl-otto Strandh

Greek and Cypriot teams

my new Trex project
Rotorworkz Frames
Rotorworkz Frames
MFIS Tailbox

Align Upgraded Head
Yes, I know it needs screws in the horns!

Kontronic up front, away from receiver
JR 770 fits like a glove!

2004 F3C Euro Championships
Dieter Schluter presenting Horace Hogan picture of them flying heli's years ago
Schuler Cobra flying

Team UK & Manager
Rudiger Fiel and Johan Honle
Rudiger Feils broken servo horn terminated his round4 flight

RFs Freya & Blackshark
Martin Muller shockflyer designer
Contest Field
Early start for the Brits

Dave Fisher waiting to fly

Individual winners
Team winners

Brits at the award ceremony (back row)
Look what turned up...
Pete Christy showing RF ds-22 videos

Hornet 2 pictures

Tail modification
Kevin Targetts H2
Vertical lockout results - 1 bent main mast!!!

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