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March 26 2014

Welcome to cbflys's Gallery

Align T-Rex 600 Nitro Pro: Build
Completed Main Rotor Head
Main Rotor Head (close-up)
Clutch Bell w/Stock Liner removed - it's too thin
Clutch Bell w/Raptor 90 PV0324 HD Liner

3DX Aluminum Fan
Clean out grease and lube with TriFlow
Main Gear Assembly
Clutch Bell Assembly

Initial Frame Assembly
Tail Rotor pitch change bellcrank
Landing Skids installed
Fuel Tank is in

And the Electronics Tray
Completed Frame Assembly
Engine, Fan, & Clutch Assembly
Engine & Duct installed

Swash Control Rod & Bellcranks
Right-Front Swash Servo
Left-Front Swash Servo
Rear Swash Servo

Throttle Servo
Rudder Servo
Boom Support and Torque Tube Drive Gears
Torque Tube Drive Gears (close-up)

Tail Rotor Gears
Tail Rotor (close-up)
Tail Rotor assembly
Extra bearing added to Torque Tube

Fuel Magnet
Fuel Line all plumbed
Finishing touch on fan shroud
Remote glow plug

Muffler - Curtis MP5
Bottom trimmed to clear Muffler
Main Gear Assembly installed
Rotor Head w/Mail Shaft installed

Kit is done!
Gyro installed and wire cleanup
Servo wire cleanup
Switch and Battery

Antenna coil

T-Rex 450SA

Triton Backlight and Contrast Upgrade

Triton Charger with a blue EL backlight installed. Purchased the upgrade kit on eBay for under 20 bucks! Contrast adjustment is home made and has been tested on the Triton 2 as well.
Backlight installed
Contrast control sub-assembly (prototype)
Contrast adjusted through small hole in the side
Contrast at 0.0v

Contrast at 1.0v
Contrast at 5.0v

Caliber 5: Close-Ups

Caliber 5: In Flight

Caliber 5: New Graphics

Vinyl decals from Callie-Graphics ...

Oldies: GMP Cricket

Oldies: Hirobo Shuttle ZX

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