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Predator Max 90, May 2006
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     Century Predator Max 90
  • OS 91 SX-H
  • Radix 710 Mains
  • Radix 105 TR
  • MPII pipe
  • R138DP PCM RX
  • GY401 / 9254
  • 9204 x3 ccpm 131 /.19 @4.8
  • 9202 throttle 76 /.26 @4.8

  • Parallel 1800 NiMH No-BS RX packs
  • Parallel Deans jumpers instead of switches
  • Front mount rudder servo
Painted in Dupli-Color engine enamels including engine clear coat. (claims to be fuel, heat, and chemical resistant, we'll see). Grey Primer/Surfacer followed by all three colors, keep the nozzles clean to reduce the splatter and spotting as much as possible. carefully overlapped each color to achieve blending effect. Followed the color coat with 3 good wet coats of clear. Then I cured the paint in the oven (sorry honey) at 150 degrees for 2 hours, removed the canopy, and allowed it to cool. Applied the Century decals (Stock Predator and P-Max decal sheet) that I thought complimented the color scheme, carefully trimming all the extra sticker sheet away to within 1mm of the graphics. Followed the stickers with 3 or 4 more wet coats of clear to seal the stickers down, once that was dry to the touch, I cured it in the oven again for another 1 hour. I'm no paint expert, but the results were quite good, with a very nice gloss, and it seems to be very durable. So far the Nitro and oil have had no effect on the clear or colors that I can tell.

DAP 1699 Gray Primer Sealer
DE 1641 Grabber Green
DE 1642 Daytona Yellow
DE 1602 Universal White
DE 1636 Clear
HI6131 Century Decal Sheet
CY 105mm
Tail Blades
Canopy freshly painted
... Century stickers
Shiney new

Close Encounter... Much work to do...
Heres where it ended up.. CAUSE: No loctite on metal geared servo arm screw.
Lots of energy in those spinning blades

Aileron servo head came off during a RH roll, and the heli continued in a
corkscrew into the top (of course) of the tree.

Moral of this story... Always, ALWAYS use Loctite on ANY metal to metal threaded fasteners.
$350 lesson learned!
New Paint, Many Parts, It Flies Again !!

Now.. for a little action !
Just a little
auto practice.
Getting Lower
And Braver
Pilot: My 14yr old son Aeryk (eeeeky)

Current (7-15-2006) configuration

More pics of our Heli Fleet

I also did a build/review of the Hawk Pro

Parallel battery setup:
I'm using a parallel battery system as described at RC Battery Clinic's web site to power the electronics on the Predator.

After having a couple of Futaba's HD switches come apart, I decided to take Scott Gray's approach, and use jumpers instead of switches. Simpler, and lighter weight. I chose Deans plugs for the connectors, because they are very heavy duty, and super reliable.
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