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Welcome to ChrisW's gallery
Current Heli Fleet...

Pictures to come... E-heli fleet is growing! Rave 4S (lots of fun!), Align 600ESP & 450Pro Currently have these nitro helis: Fury Tempest & Outrage Velocity 50
More past helis...

2 REALLY great & fun helis... Avant FX with the CX Programmable Head (YS91 & Hatori SB16) and a Fury Expert (OS70 & Funtech 90 muffler)

Century Predator Carbon Max...

Loved this heli!...Sold it prematurely thinking the Freestyle kits were just around the corner... Guess I'll "upsize" the fleet when they are finally available

Flying the Fury again!

Did some horse-tradin' with Sluggo...He's got my X-Spec now and happy as can be...and I'm pleased as punch to have his Fury Extreme/Tempest! ...looks like a perfect trade...everyone walked away happy! Sluggo's definitely one of the good guys! .... Now I just need to find an American flag decal to go over that maple leaf on the canopy! :-) The pics below are "borrowed" from Sluggo...Thanks Chris!

Here's a pic of the heli at my field here in San Diego and a close up of the head.

Freya X-spec

Fury Expert

Fury Expert OS70SZ w/ Cline regulator 9252 on the swash GY401 w/ 9253 on tail Dymond 7000BB on throttle (nice servo for $28 bucks from Dymond Modelsports...I use them as back up servos if I need to replace a Futaba for a short time due to repair or whatever....I've used one on collective on my Pro2K when I had a problem with my Futaba servo)

Miniature Aircraft X-Cell Pro2K

This is probably the nicest heli I have ever owned. It's too nice a machine to abuse for the way I fly (or try to fly) 3D.

There are a couple upgrades from the original Pro2K on this machine. It has CF lower frame angles, Newer Fury swashplate, SS tapered dual thread pushrods, and Schoonard painted canopy and fins. I'm also running the new OS 70sz motor. ...This heli now lives in Mexico City...

Some of the guys that make flying fun!

I fly with Richard (vor503rf) here in San Diego and Terry is my flying buddy when I go back to "the South" in Huntsville, Alabama.
Terry now flies Hirobo stuff... That 4-stroke Pro2 in the pic was one smooth heli!
Huntsville has an awesome heli field!

Andrew Macchlanican...I miss you my friend!
Rodney and Andrew at San Diego Funfly

Past favorite Helis
If Robbe still made the Futura SE, I'd still be a rep!
Flew the heck out of this Raptor 50 V2 for a couple years!
Avant FX!

Other misc. Pics

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