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July 04 2018
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March 12 2018
Old single channel push button tube transmitter.

Just some misc.

Hex rotor various prop tests

Showing Total amps/rpm/Bat voltage.. With 4S Total 7.1 Lbs (3.22 Kg)
10X4.5 Green unknown
11X4.7 APC
12X3.8 APC

My Multi-Rotors
My Hex as of 5/23/2013
My house from Hexrotor

Long leg mount
My current multirotor collection
Hex with better camera bracket mount
My Hex with prevoius Camera system mount

My Hex without camera bracket mount
High altitude orentation markers, test
some lighting on my quad
With Turnigy D2830-11

My wooden gear clock

larger Quad under Const. Frame kit VC-550 Quad/X8 Frame

My FPV Gallery Photos and AP attemps
Thats me down there

Just some Misc Photos
Raja and Larry

My Fleet as of Dec 2009


My Canopies, mostly sold..
Canopy #01

Electric --- Razor 600e
Lighted YoYo now a head button.
Razor 600E streched 10S

Homemade swash leveling tool for 10mm shaft.

MA Razor 600E
Photo from Razor 600E

Home made struts & skids for Razor 600E
Painted homemade skids/struts
10S (2X5S) 5000mah

Gasser -- Spectra G Stuff
Wireless realtime data
Fan Removal tool
Fan Bolt removal tool
Spring Loaded Tough landing gear !!

Spider Gear spring loaded
Blade Bling
Generator Coupler Red part Home made.

Blade Tip Tracking Colors
Head/Flybar Balancing
Tempest Head
Tempest Head

Old Fly Bar Control arm clamp
Eagle Tree RPM Pickup
Main Shaft run-out check
Fuel Line routing

Eagle Tree Seagull setup
Fuel routing Spectra G
Pull Start locking straps
Zenoah Cyl Temps

Zenoah 231 plug
Anti Chicken Dance

G-231 Engine
X-cell Gasser

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