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me and my amazing knight 50!
Me a my Knight 50 3D again! Can't go wrong with a knight!
me amazing knight in an inverted hover!
wacky pic of me!

3d LOL!

my raptor in a tail slide!
Pulling out low!
My raptor up close
Side on metronomes

Ade flying his knight!!
Ade flying his knight!
just playing about!

My New Helicopters and new paint jobs!

My Raptor 50
My rappy inverted LOW!!!
A close up of my Rappy inverted LOW!!!
My rappy low again with me in the pic!!!! yay

My 'B' test
Me in flight
Me after my 'B' test
Me after my 'B' test again!!!
Me bst m8 Trev and Andy who took me for my 'B' tst!

My Mates
Me m8 Stefan
Stef again, showing me up with his natural skills
my cuzin ben
Me gd m8 Oreo! (xtremly gd flyer)

Richard + George
Stefan again! showing off wid his wicked heli!
Me m8s Holly + Adam
Our ride to the school prom

Stef & his plane

Me at my first display!!!! Hastings!!!

Trev (the guy who taught me most of wt I know!!!)
His heli spends more time like this, than in the air, LOL (sorry trev)

Odds and Sodds
Heli & babe
Syngery n9
Me lol!
N9 in tic toc

Honda Sukhoi SU26
SU26 Again
Honda pitts special

My crashed heli!!! Almost a rite off!!!
random damage on root of blade
teeth striped on main gear
boom sheered off
The bits

....and bits
..............................and more bits
And now I finished repairing!!!

The t-rex, before and after!!!!!!!

AFTER, we think the reason it crashed was because a bearing came out of the main gear and was causing glitches but we don't know

heli's mine and other peolpes

Table Of Contents

kl stuff!!!!! family e.t.c!
thumper my sisters rabbit
spike my cockateil
me flying my plane (da plank)
pookie my hamster

my speed boat I made out of the top of a roptor canopy
my speed boat again
friends turbine
pebbles my duck

my rocket

me and my raptor again
me in the caravan at charmouth

randomly placed pic of my sister and her friend,sophie!!
my sister and her friend sophie

back to heli, plus the added bonus of my dog and duckling
my ugly face and my rappy
me and my raptor at the flying site
my dad at charmouth again!!!
my dads fulsize

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