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Finished product almost ready for lift off
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Nearly there i just need to:
  • Track the Blades...Done
  • Tune engine .... in process
  • Check pitch ... done
Some Updated Misc Photo

She flies well
Can't wait
I so can't wait to fly her

Gasser Setup
Added stickers before checking direction of blades

GV-1 & JR R2000
Tail boom screw slightly interfears with rudder push rod

Getting the parts together
This Barn Owl lives in my back yard Mango Tree
Rototech's 710's woo hooo

My Century Predator Carbon Max 90 now used as parts for my Gasser

In the process of converting to a Gasser I already have:
  • Carbon Gasser Frame with Zenoah 26 Pro
  • GV-1
  • Futaba 9252 servo's
  • Z-Rc insulator
  • Rotortech 710's
  • Now awaiting Radio......

The reason i'm called turbogti

230whp at the wheels 183ft.lbs torque 20psi boost on a stock 1300cc engine
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Welcome - Fun Fly at Jamaica Kingston Polo Club

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