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Getting the family involved early ;-)
Heli kid
Heli Kid older and flying

It's all about the Raptor!!
My first Rappy v.1
My new Rappy v.2!!
My New new Rappy v.2
full shot

new addition
Blade Box
Blade box open

Blade Right Side
Blade Left Side
Blade Tail
Jet Raptor?

My plane
Vigor daytime
Vigor nitetime
oops...nite crash

Speed up gear assembled
Speed up gear parts
Speed up gear in heli
The guts

The guts 2
Side shot
Radio install right side
Radio install left

Tail rotor at mid stick
Gyro install
Head at mid stick
Head at midstick 2nd shot

Quick UK Swash
Quick UK Boom mount
Quick UK Washout
My future..Quick UK head

TT 50 blades
dyed with Rit dye to black

JetCopter Fins
Kids Cuisine parts tray

Rappy v.1 stuff
charge jack v.1
wiring for charge jack v.1
hawk connector on a raptor
v.1 rappy fan shrowd

Ergo tail hub on a v.1 rappy
v.1 Mod sideframes

Heli Hauler
Pulled out

At the field
Nuts flying jan 1 2003
Map to our field
The Crew
Events at field

Custom Made Turbine!
JetCopter Hovering
JetCopter Inverted

Another hover
Middle of the loop
and inverted again
unpainted Jetcopter

funfly info
New field in area taking shape!
Another from above
50 x 800 runway!

My Yak 54
Hanger 9 yak 54 89"
Top View yak 54

My Dream Workroom
The Plan
My helper

He holds up walls
workroom in progress

Starting to throw the mud

It is official...I am not fond of mudding!
Now it is painted!

Ta Da...Da Room
Must have tools
Tools and Storage
Ahh the bench

Raial Arm and TV
Her part of the "man" room
Charging area
My ole' GMP

Oh no!! Now I have to do this side!!

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July 11 2005

February 21 2005

January 17 2005

January 03 2005

December 06 2004

November 29 2004

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