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Richard Felkins -- Team JR

July 28 2014 - The Forza 700

JR Vibe 50 NEX with the new OS GT15HZ600 gas motor

June 2014 Various stages of the JR Vibe 50 NEX gasser build

JR NEX E8 Leggero FBL

FEB 2014 Various stages of the JR E8 build

We opened the box and found every step is numbered on the individual packages!
The frames went together very well, everything fits well, no 'tuning' required

Frames completed, motor mounted and gear mesh set.
The Lazy Susan lets you spin the project around easily
Using the new JR universal metal horns (V2) for ease of servo centering

Setting up the ESC and FBL controller and a few yard pictures...

JR GSR260Z Sports electric conversion

Jan 2014 Pictures of the JR GSR260Z after the conversion using the Sylphide motor mount with the addition of a JR MB-391 head and KS 3 blade tail

Misc Uploads

Hirobo Eagle 3 EP - Top Motor Conversion

23 Mar 2012 Pictures of the E3 before and after the conversion

24 March 2012 Hirobo Eagle 3 first test flight after remounting the motor

Skunk Works - Freya EX - Top Motor Conversion

26 Jan 2012 Quick hovering clip

16 Jan 2012 Time to convert the Freya EX after the success with the EVO conversion. After removing the head and tail assembly the frames are reshaped slightly up top. The mount is machined, drilled, tapped, slotted and mounted. A longer motor shaft needs to be turned down from 8mm to 6mm for the bearing guide and pinion. Using a 400 KV motor on this one with a 14T Revco pinion for a 6.78 ratio. The servo frames need to be altered for the stacked battery arrangement. SWM flip after that for motor body clearance. With the elevator at the rear with the guide I use a 5mm ball radius pin.
17 Jan 2012 The long motor shaft is ready and pressed into the motor.
18 Jan 2012 Motor mount and pinion block set.
20 Jan 2012 SWM assembly flipped to the rear for swash rotation, the elevator in the rear.
21 Jan 2012 SWM linkage completed, swash leveled, head installed.
22 Jan 2012 Bottom load tandem battery tray built and loaded.

Freya EVO Top Motor test subject number one

13 Jan 2012

Having a little fun with Freya EVO frames.

Rebuilt my Hirobo Freya EX

13 Dec 2010 - Replacing the head at some point.

1 Nov 2010 - The new 50xx size motor mount from Scorpion is top quality and looks OEM!

Hirobo Sceadu EX Scorpion E conversion

1 Oct 2010 - The conversion went very well using the mount from Scorpion for the 700E conversion.

Racing at Willow Springs 2008-2011

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