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Hi and sorry for the long wait for updates on my gall I have Ben busy lately and still am :)
Got a new heli the Picco Z.
Also check what my Fiance have maid for me at the bottom of the gal.
Upgrading my Raptor 50v2 big time.
Some new pictures here end there :)
Still Having some problems with the pitch and throttle curves for the Zoom 450 IC.
Always up to date pictures and info on my Rappy. (Updated)

My raptor is being upgraded all over and I am still not done with it yet.
But here are a few pictures of it as it is right now.




Last flight :
My raptor 50v2.

tail servo 9254

3x 9252. 1x 9253.

Repair of lose cooling fan.

My raptor first crash :(

Did not crash it my self but one who where testing it for me. Picks are taken after i got home from the flying field. It's a little sad i did not crash it my self the first time :(

Damage report:
Main Shaft.
3x Linkage Rods.
Main Blades (wood)
Header Tank Mount.
2x Boom Suports.
Flybar Rod.
2x Flybar Control Rods.
1x Servo horn.
The whole Tail flew of (with all ther gows with it) never to be found again.
1x OS 8 Glow plug.
1x Futaba Gyro 401.
1x Carbon Fiber Tail Pushrod kit.

After the crash.

T-Rex 450x.

Last flight : 18/09/06
Battery : 3C Lipo 11.1 volt 1700mah.
Crashed to day (18/09/06) in a cam flight test. (First chrash)
First crash with my T-Rex450x.

You can find video from the onboard cam from the crash under t-rex videos.

Zoom 450IC.

Nikko sky watcher.

Walkera 40. (F***** up beyond all repair)

Bad Crash Last flight.


Picco Z (New)

Easy Glider Electric.

Poweret by a 8.4 volt 1100mah Nimh Battery.
Jamara Corsair.

1 start up of the engine 02-10-06.
2 start up of the engine. got hit by the propel when the engine backfired and got my finger cut up :(
3 start up of the engine 10-10-06. Now it runes just fine and sounds way to cool :p
02-12-06 Installed a glow-control unit.
Kyosho FW-05T.
Alpha 3 and FW-05T

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