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  F3C World Championships - Japan 2003
Welcome to the US Teams World Championship Report Site. We will be posting the days events, scores and pictures here to keep all of you feeling like your here with us in Japan. Because of our special relationship with RunRyder you will be able to post greetings and questions to your our team members.

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F3C World Championships - Japan 2003
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World Champion - Manabu Hashimoto - JAPAN
Second Place - Curtis Youngblood - USA
Third Place - Minoru Kobayashi - JAPAN
The Champion
Manabu Hashimoto
Three Great Fliers
The Worlds Best

Team Title 1st Place - JAPAN
Team Title 2nd Place - GERMANY
Team Title 3rd Place -USA
Third Place...
Happy Guys
Our Championship Diploma
Team America

The Whole
Winning Team

June 6, 2003 - Round 1&2 schedule "B"

Good afternoon. Rather than write this at midnight, I thought I would take the computer to the field and give you the update after all the pilots have flown the first round.

The wind at this field has been less predictable than any contest weather I can recall in recent memory. It seems to know who is flying country by country.

Curtis was up first this morning with the wind blowing 5-10 mph. We were all hoping that he could repeat yesterdays taming of the winds. He put in a good flight, but it just wasnt up to Curtis standards, he came away with a combined score of 588. This was for the best of round A and the first round of B placing him in second place behind Rudiger Feil who had a breakout round with a combined score of 600. Feil had the calmest conditions of the first round.

Len was next up and flew a good round with a score of 519.5. He has attracted a lot of attention this year with his eclipse fuselage and retractable skids.

Wayne put in a solid round earning him a combined score of 544.5. To watch Wayne fly through the maneuvers is truly enjoyable.

Second Round

Well as usual it has been a little busy since the end of the second round and it is past midnight! I joined the guys from England in the karaoke bar and I am now trying to complete my report to you, our faithful readers.

The second round went better for Curtis and Wayne but Len just didnt find his groove this afternoon. Curtis flew a 600.5 and Wayne earned a 577. Hashimoto of Japan had the last flight of the day and now is in first place by presenting the crowd with 630. He was right on and I would suspect that tomorrow will be very interesting as we have four pilots who could take this competition, Hashimoto, Youngblood, Kobayashi and Feil.

Curtis will be first to fly, then Hashimoto. It will be an interesting morning

June 5, 2003 - 4th Day of Competition

Greetings from this corner of the world.

It was an exciting day here at the World Championships. As we last wrote the guys were under a lot of pressure to put in some good rounds. Everyone is in agreement that its hard to know what a good flight looks like due to the inconsistency and disparity of the flight line judging. We arent saying that there is anything terribly wrong with the judging, again is just doesnt seem to be consistent, what we seem to think is a good flight gets low scores and visa-versa.

Dwight was first up this morning and put in a 249.5, we all thought that his score would have been higher based on his flight. He sat on pins and needles all day waiting for the wind to come up to affect the flights of the other competitors. The wind came up but it actually seemed to help some pilots, especially Curtis. Curtis flew next with wind blowing 10-15 mph. He performed like you would expect and flew his model with precision to get him a 283.5. His rival Hashimoto from Japan put down a 293.5 but this was on the more generous flight line A.

Wayne was next up and had a little more difficulty maintaining altitude control in the unpredictable wind, but show us how it was done with his aerobatics earning a 273. Len was up next and did not turn in the flight he was hoping for but was able to secure the 13th spot in the fly offs tomorrow.

We will fly two rounds tomorrow with Hashimoto starting it off with Curtis flying second. The third round on Saturday will be a nail biter with Curtis flying first and Hashimoto in second.

Our team as a whole did not fend as well as we would have hoped as we came in third after Japan and Germany. It just wasnt our year for the team title, but I have a feeling the next World Champion will be from Texas. But that is just one mans opinion!

You can click on the images and Jpegs to see the results of the Championships thus far. Thanks again for your support.

Team Results
Individual Results
Individual Results
Individual Results

Click the "Printing" button (above right) to printout photos.
Hey don't look now but...
I cant stand here all day
Dwight's Caliber in the box

German Caliber
Fumigation on the deck
Across the top
Don't Shoot

Fouth round jitters
Cold war reminder
Soon to be newlyweds
The only Fury at the event came from Dave Fisher

That's Mr. Vigor to you!
Philip Von Krusenstierna from Sweden
Our favorite starting box timer
Scott Gray's new secret weapon

Ready to go
I had some spare time so I decided to rebuild the rotor head, GIVE ME A BREAK
Mr. & Mrs Alexander Zakharov of Russia.
Verplanke rotor head on Sylphide

Vigor at work
This is what eye level means
Vigors are popular

Two true sportman

June 4, 2003 - 3rd Day of Competition

Greetings for June 4.

Today was the 3rd round of the competition. We all made it to the field early, as Wayne was the first pilot to fly for the start of the round. The wind was almost dead calm for most of the morning. He put in a great flight with a 284.5,but like all pilots he is striving for 300s

Len and Dwight were soon to follow; they both had hoped to better their yesterdays flights. Len put down a 253 just like yesterday and Dwight did betterhis score with a 260.5.

Later in the day Curtis focused on business and pulled down an enviable 295.0. In traditional Curtis style he is getting mentally prepared for the business at hand.

The current standings for our guys are:
Curtis 1st (tied with Hashimoto)
Wayne 6th
Len 12th
Dwight 17th

There are 13 slots open for the fly offs, Dwight has to put in a great round to get there and Len needs to get focused on putting in the flight that we all know he is capable of.

Rather than bore you with the details, I have attached some photos of the last two days as well as a document you can dowload with all the scores from the last three days.

Thanks for checking in with us.

Sayonara (good bye)

Daniel gets ethnic

Afternoon Fieldtrip
A little eyeball
Across the top

A visit to a jinja
In search of the flag
Ready or not here I come
Lens machine is now famous

Stars & Stripes
Great spirit from Russia

Mann & Machine
How about a hand
The peanut gallery

What are you looing at?
Total Concentration
What do you call this?
Team Dwight

Taya looks on
Wayne in the start box
Wayne's eye vies
Team Wayne

June 3, 2003 - 2nd Day of Competition

Kon ban wa (good evening),

Barron (the boss) asked me to fill in tonight, so here goes! Today was another long day at the office. Len, Wayne, Dwight, Nob and me left for the practice field at 0615 to warm the thumbs and needle the motors. Waynes model had developed a slight shake during the first round. He figured it was a tad too rich, and after tweaking the needles the diagnosis came back that the rear bearing in the motor was loose. We decided to fly the backup and swap bearings after the round. Lens and Dwights practice went OK. Then, off we went to the main site.

In case Barron hasnt already described, time from the hotel to our practice site is @ 20 minutes, from the practice site to the main site is @ 1 hour and main site to the hotel is @ 45 minutes. Without GPS (that has all the buttons and menus in kanji) we would be seriously lost, and late for everything! Its a good thing the expressway speed limit is only 70kph (@ 45mph) because we have made a u-turn or two! (I havent figured out whether the speed limits are so low because the cars/engines are so small, or the cars/engines are so small because the speed limits are so low!) At any rate, we spend quite a bit of time each day driving.

The second round on our flight line was plagued by the famous Murphys Law. Johann Hoenle (GER) and Alexander Zakharov (RUS) finished their flights on fumes, after the motor burped in the last two maneuvers. Ari Holmstrom (FIN), I think, had his motor quit at the point in the loop with rolls and performed a great save to the airport runway. Rudiger Feil (GER) couldnt get his primary model fired and went to his backup after burning up his start time completely. Ennio Grabber (SUI) had a spectacular disassembly when a blade and grip departed the model in one of his maneuvers. And Len had the tip of his start shaft break off inside the hex adapter when he went to start for his flight. This had his mechanic (me) running around like mad fetching a starter, tools and readying the spare model.

Our guys had OK flights today, but nothing spectacular. Curtis fared the best with a 2nd in todays round, after winning yesterdays. Wayne made some mistakes and finished todays round in 5th, after yesterdays 4th. Len, running on 104 octane adrenalin after the start shaft thing, finished a credible three way tie for 12th today, after yesterdays two way tie for 8th. Dwight struggled with a wind direction change during his flight today (after choppy wind yesterday) and finished 20th, after yesterdays 18th. Overall after 2 rounds, Curtis is tied with Manabu Hashimoto for 1ST, Wayne is 5th, Len is tied with Rudiger for 11th and Dwight is 20th. FYI: with split flight lines, we wont really know the real results for round 3 until after round 4, when all pilots see both sets of judges again.

The day finished with a bearing change in Waynes motor and then we found the real fix for the shake, some setup work for Dwight to improve hovering, a new start shaft for Len and a trip back to the practice field to fly, UNTIL DARK! BTW, daylight here is 0415 until 1945 !!!

Tomorrow, our faithful supporters, Paul and Suzanne Giles, Sandy Sabato, Denise Mann and Daniel Hiatt are taking a historical tour arranged by the organizers. And at the contest site, Wayne will be up first and Curtis will wind up the day at 25th. Wishem luck! Oya sumi (good night), Cliff
1st Day of Competition- Curtis # 1

Greeting from the first day of competition.

As you can see from the photos it was a picture perfect day to burn some fuel and get the nerves going! A rather long but uneventful day at the flying field, Curtis was up first and in Curtis style he layed down the highest scoring flight of site A. As usual, when other pilots are in awe of his level of skill and intuition, he is mentally revising his flight strategy for the next round. Thats what makes him Curtis.

Wayne was next up and turned in the second highest score for our flight line and he too is not satisfied.

Len flew the flight of his career and says from now on when he flies in our Nats he will view it like a small regional event. Welcome to the big leagues Len.

By the afternoon the wind came up and played havoc on Dwight, but in true Dwight style he was please and just happy to be here.

The results are as follows:

Flight Line A

1. Curtis Youngblood 294 1000
2. Wayne Mann 282 959.184
3. Len Sabato 264.5 899.66
3. Rudiger Feil 264.5 899.66
18. Dwight Shilling 248.5 845.238

Flight Line B

1. Manabu Hashimoto 287.5 1000
2. Minoru Kobayashi 277.5 965.217
3. Shinya Kunii 271 942.609

Stay tuned for tomorrows results.
Wayne in the hover
Doomo Arigato Mr. Sabato
Guess Who?
Curtiss in the start box

Happy Birthday Wayne!

Happy Birthday Wayne!!

We all celebrated tonight by singing Happy Birthday and eating some wonderful desserts that we bought in Shika Town. Over 200 people sang to Wayne at dinner, he blushed.

Happy Birthday Wayne, No you will have to earn and fly for whatever birthday wish you want to come true!

June 1, 2003

Konichiwa (Good Day)

When we woke today it was questionable if we were going to have an official practice. The wind and rain was once again back to keep our optimism low. I headed off to the field at 7:30am to get the transmitters to the compound by 9. When I arrived at the contest site the organizers were all running around in traditional Japanese style, everyone doing their specific job in the hopes of creating a well organized and run event. But one thing they had no control over was the 45-degree weather with the cold windy drizzle!

These guys are terribly optimistic as they said, come back at 10:30. Sure enough the rain had stopped and the practice began by 11:10. Each pilot had 10 min. from the time they first turned their motor over to do a sound check and get some practice in. It wasnt really a pretty site as the wind was really blowing and you know what that means.

All the guys had good uneventful flights with lots of onlookers from the other countries. Its clear that the competition is going to be tough not only from the Japanese but other countries as well.

After we returned to the hotel we had a 8:00pm meeting with the organizers to reprocess Len and Waynes models, needles to say they passed inspection.

The overall experience of being at the WC is great, the people all friendly and fun. If there is one thing that modeling does, it is the positive way in brings people together from many walks of life from many parts of the world.

Tomorrow is the start of the 2003 World Championships. See ya there.
Blues Brothers
Reprocessing of Len's #3
Proud of his accomplishments
Contest Site

That's where this stuff comes from
WInd is no factor
Team Ichiban
Reprocessing of Wayne's #3

May 31, 2003

Kon Banwa

Just a quick entry to tell you about the day. We woke to the sight of rainy gray skies with high winds. The guys were quite disappointed as the official practice was cancelled. The organizer did this for a very good reason, but our pilots believed that they knew better and proceeded out to our practice field. They are currently practicing their high-speed repair techniques! Actually our two casualties are going home in a box, I offered to burry them, but somehow they mentioned something about a very expensive paperweight.

The two pilots in morning are Len and Wayne, Len threw a tail rotor blade and the cause of death for Waynes machine is still unknown. We will post a picture of one of the corpses tomorrow.

Official Practice begins tomorrow. Good Night from Noto
May 30, 2003

Another great and busy day in Noto Japan. Sorry about not posting any photos last night, I went to pick up Cliff, Daniel and Nob at the train station and didnt get back until 1:00am! Paul accompanied me too, we kept each other by alert talking along the way. Im happy to report that they made it to Japan in perfect condition, so perfect that you will see by the photos that the Japanese girls were drawn to Daniels long blonde locks and nice smile. You will there are some benefits to team management (smile)

We woke up early as always and had a team meeting to talk about our busy day. First up was model registration and transmitter testing; it was unnerving when the scale had a misreading on Waynes model, it registered 8lbs; he was accused of running his engine on slimfast!

After registration the guys went to the field and I stayed back for the first official managers meeting where we drew for flight line up. You can download a spreadsheet of the order.

Later we all attended the opening ceremony and banquet, the food was great and of course lots of beer, wine too. Curtis returned the WC trophy to the organizers, but it was evident that he has clear plans to get it back quickly!

Tomorrow is the first day of official practice. We like practice.

Mata Aimashoo (Well meet again later)
Hey I made it this far?
Who's lost now?
Horace is the man
Daniel Hiatt in heaven

Curtis can't give it back
The nomad from Texas
Being a manager has its benefits
Doomo Arigato!

Taiko Drums
Opening Ceremony

May 29, 2003

Greetings for today.

We had another productive day today as we headed to the practice site early. Waynes models arrived this afternoon and he was able to assemble one machine and get back to the field to burn some fuel.

Nob took a train to Osaka airport to pick up Cliff and his son Daniel, I will be driving to the city of Kanezawa (60 km ) to pick them up at the train station at 11:30 pm. The guys are in their room doing some maintenance and filling out the model registration paperwork.

Tommorow will also be a busy day with model registration for us at 9am and then off to the field to begin schedule A practice.

May 28, 2003

Today was a great day for our team as we all had a very productive and eventful day! We assembled for breakfast and talked about the plan for the day. As usual with all world championship efforts we have to go out and scout for the best and least populated practice site as well as attend to some housekeeping to make our next ten days more enjoyable and productive.

Last night our secret contact informed us that we were to meet a gentleman in the morning who would take us to a private practice field. If you ever attended a W/C you know that practice areas are a premium especially in Japan were land is scarce.

In great anticipation we drove to meet our guide to practice site nirvana, only to have him tell us that he would be taking us to one of the official practice sites, as you can imagine we were confused and disappointed. After much discussion we agreed to go see the official site to see what it looked like. As we thought, we were quite disappointed to see that there were three practice courses with fellow competitors practicing there aerobatics above our heads, needless to say we decided to leave.

We finally ended up at the site you will see in the pictures posted below. This site is on the seashore at the mouth of a harbor and it quite easily the prettiest practice site ever!

When we retuned to the hotel this evening we found out that the Hirobo team was practicing at the field we were supposed to and as a result our guide was instructed NOT take us to the field originally planned for us, we still made out well with our new found site.
Wayne has a had his share of trepidation as he is still waiting for his models to arrive even though he shipped his models over 10 days ago. The latest information is that customs has released the models and they are on their way except customs was quick to disclaim that one of the modes has broken skids and they did not do it! We only hope that this is the only damage, we will find out tomorrow.

In the meantime Dwight has been kind enough to turn over one of his new machines to Wayne to get some stick time in today and to prepare for the worst.

Len too had an interesting day as upon his return trip home from the practice site he was to quick to learn that that his GPS was not programmed properly. As a result he and Paul were LOST for two hours. These two men were however resourceful as they went to a shopping area and interviewed all of the native residents who past by inquiring if they spoke English?

They were able to talk a lady into showing them the way by following her by car.

As you can see the fun never ends in Japan.

I hope you enjoy the pictures,

Two Buddies
Where the action is?
Wayne and Nob
Just a perfect day....

Dwight in a moment of concetration

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05-23-2003 02:41 AM  16 years ago
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F3C World Championship Update From Japan
Here's the place to check out the latest from the World Championships in Japan. Be sure to check back daily to view the latest photos and results. Be sure to post your support of your United States as they compete to bring home the GOLD.
05-23-2003 03:35 AM  16 years ago

rrKey Veteran

San Diego, CA.

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First and formost I would like to wish you fella's a safe trip. Were rootin' for 'ya.

Viva La Airtronics!
05-23-2003 05:13 AM  16 years ago


Port Orchard, Washington

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Go get 'em...
Give'em hell boys!
Jason Stiffey
Fly Fast....Live Slow...
05-23-2003 06:02 AM  16 years ago


Burnsville, Mn

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Good luck
Ironic to to be taking an elipse to the rising sun.
05-23-2003 07:50 AM  16 years ago
Ozzy Pilot


Victoria, Australia

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Good luck and travel safe...
but I hope you guys only do well enough to come second to our Aussie guys

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie........... hoy, hoy, hoy
Member of Good Guy list (seller) Pg. 23. Turbines - Audile pleasuring
05-23-2003 08:54 AM  16 years ago


Wiltshire, UK

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Good luck to all the competitors

You're gonna need it against the British team, we're gonna walk it
05-23-2003 09:14 AM  16 years ago

rrElite Veteran


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Who's in the team?
In the Dutch team there are Cees Verplanke and Michel Jager.
05-23-2003 10:57 AM  16 years ago


St Leonards On Sea UK

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Erm.. you're not trying to put to much pressure on me and the other fellow Brit pilots are you??!

Good luck to all who are competiting... and see you there in a couple days!


05-23-2003 11:03 AM  16 years ago


Wiltshire, UK

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We all have faith in you, I hope you have a few hand maidens to give you massages, throw petals at your feet, wipe your furrowed brow and whisper how wonderful you are before each flight?

Or do I have a strange image of what happens at these comps?

W. Pasman

Is that THE Mick Jagger surley he should be in the British team

Good luck!!
05-23-2003 11:21 AM  16 years ago


St Leonards On Sea UK

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No sadly...

Instead I will have to put up with Ali Newan and Mark Tilbury doing... well... who knows what!


05-23-2003 01:13 PM  16 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Guildford, Surrey UK

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we're (the Brits) going to be maintaining a similar daily diary from Japan over at

05-23-2003 01:30 PM  16 years ago


Borlänge, Sweden

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Has the competitions started already? If yes, anyone got some site telling the results for all countries (in english if possible)

'Hm now I just have to find out where to connect the GV1 sensor to the Jazz80 ESC.
05-23-2003 01:53 PM  16 years ago


Boise, ID.

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Go USA!!!!!!
Good luck, and return home safe.....
Guess who's back, back again...
05-23-2003 02:24 PM  16 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Guildford, Surrey UK

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not yet.
The opening ceremony is not until a week today (30 May) and the first round is on Sunday June 1st.

Most teams usually fly out a week prior to acclimatise and get in some un-official practice.

05-23-2003 02:26 PM  16 years ago


Cincinnati, OH

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Which pilots will be representing the U.S.
05-23-2003 02:37 PM  16 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Guildford, Surrey UK

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take a look here -

05-23-2003 04:29 PM  16 years ago
Wayne Mann


United States of America

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05-23-2003 04:35 PM  16 years ago


St Leonards On Sea UK

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Haha.. go on then

Hes been out there over a week I believe... they must be about ready to deport him by now!!


05-23-2003 05:09 PM  16 years ago


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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It's great to see the support is there for this event but I have to wonder: Do they want people to know about it? I mean sure the teams are hosting websites, well at least some of them, but I can't seem to find much information on past standings and stuff. There is a site from a few years back but nothing for this year worth mentioning. Do there have an official worlds website?

Does anyone know where to find the links to this information?

05-23-2003 06:15 PM  16 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Tallahassee, Florida US

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Good Luck!
Good luck to Wayne, Dwight, and Len in the coming WCs. Break a leg!
On a dog sled team, if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes.
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