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My Toys
My Hula Girl Compliments of Sailor Jerry
The Fleet
The King of Heli's
Me Trying To Screw Something Up

New Stratus Fuel Tank Fitting Placement
My Son and Daughter
My Baby!
Nitrous Injected OS 91 Super-Hyper

Fire and Rescue Heli.
Fire and Rescue Cockpit.

My Canopies
My Nascar Homage
My Other Face Lifts

Misc. Pictures

Transportation For Mans Best Friend, Lucky SOB!
My Buddy Trying to Make A Buck

A Day at the Field 2007
Matt Botos and His Newest Toy!
Mike Demita's R22
Timmy's Inverted MD 500 R90

Dalton 2006 Scale Fly-In

Dalton 2007 Scale Fly-In

B'HAM 2006 Fly-In

My Crashes

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