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Sullivan shaft repair using Hirobo auto hub sleeve
hirobo harden sleeve in place, permanent fix, shouldn't have to do this in the first place!

JR ASG Head about to be finished
removing blade grips off NHR-03 head

Interaction on standard mixing arrangement

CCPM graphs
Sylphide front bell crank angles
Sylphide front and back bell crank curves, back in red
Not something you want to evaluate by hand!!!

CCPM swashplate program . . much better version to come out
screenshot of unfinished program
Mathematica output

Note that this the slightly amended draft without the remaining calculations and no diagrams as yet
YS damaged piston on strip down, engine is now ruined

Eagle 3 WC bearing replacement!
cook in the oven to get bearings out - not good
pinion slipped on bearings hence "browning", still usable to loctite into bearings
scouring due to blurr on the harden sleeve!! changed harden sleeve
a mess just to get to take the E3 bearing mount out

E3 bearing mount with old bearings
E3 bearing mount

Bits and Bobs

K&S Sylphide (back up machines)

Eagle 3 WC Unbuilt

Super Gracy Fuse to finish

K&S Sylphides

JR Sylphide 90
Look, no wires!!
Sylphide on the ground
Sylphide in mid air
CNC modules

side view of engine module
top view of CNC engine module
CNC tail gearbox and tail pitch change mechanism
close up of servo frame

servo frame
NHR-03 and SSR-VI head
module, SSR-VI head and main frame
88 tooth CNC helical main gear

main frame
11 tooth clutch helical bell
FRP canopy
Sylphide NHR-03 rotor head

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