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Vaigod's Gallery

Raptor 50 SE
Raptor 50 in Original Flying Trim
R50 w/ Kasama Head (Before She Woofed&Poofed)
Taken at My Local Field
R50 Inverted

Nice Hover, Crappy Pic
Looks Like I Should Go In A Few Clicks!!! LOL!
Inverted Hover w/ The Dump in Background

Gettin' Low

Raptor Titan Conversion
SAB 600s, MAH 95mm Tails, TT Paddles, and an MP2 (Bent to HELL!!!)
R50 SE w/ Titan Boom and Gearing
Check The BLING!!! Kasama Baby!!!
This Was 30 Minutes Before My BEC Failed

Love Those NHP 600s!!!
Before The New Canopy Was Added
Canomod Canopy
Here's the Titan in Her New Skin

T-Rex 600 CF
T-Rex 600, Radix Mains and Tails, JR8311's, and a Raptor 90 Modified Decal Kit
New Align Canopy
Pullin' the 600 Down

T-Rex 450 SE
T-Rex 450 SE (New Electronics Going in Soon!!!!)
It's Really Not That Pepto-Pink in Real Life!!!! :)
Bringing it To The Deck
Inverted Hover as the Birds Raid the Dump

I'll Learn to Fly Right Side Up One Day
Cuttin' The Grass

Crash Pics
Bent MP2, Broken Frame (12 Places), Stripped Gears, Bent Bling, Bent Linkage Rods, Etc, Etc, Etc, Etc....
Do You Think The Spindle Might Be Bent????
I Never Found the Tail Assembly. Thank God It Was Only Stock!!!
More Carnage

I Hate Re-Painting Windshields!!!!!! ARRRGH!!!
My First Real Crash
BEC Failed and Caused This..........ARGGGGH

Lepton Accident 8-31-06
Pre-Surgery Pic
Looks Like O.J. Was Here
This Saved My Wrist From What Would Have Been ANOTHER Nasty Laceration
Yup........ That Is A Piece Of SKIN!!!!! YUCK!!!!!

Post-Surgery Pic (1 Severed Tendon Repair, and about 100+ Stitches Later)
14 Weeks After The Accident

Misc. Pics
My Charging Station
Cables, Balancers, and Adapters
Does Anyone Else Ever Wind Up With A Mess Like This Sometimes????
T-Rex 450 SE, Trex 600, Raptor 50 SE

My .50 Size Babies

My Storage Pile :D


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