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A few photos of the construction - SEv2
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Rear spacing
Extended battery tray used to support ESC

FMA Co-Pilot install
IR sensors do have good range out through skids. Mount as far rear as possible
Sensor is mounted to base with 2 foam backed strips, then carbon battery tray, then another doublesided tape foam
Extended battery tray with view of shortened wiring. Still waiting smaller calibrate button (red wiring)

Wiring had to be radically shortened. Originally 12" +
Deans mounted where I had the vertical sensor. Not really required
All wiring through the top away from motor / esc. Antenna a bit close, but receiver is quite large

New CF canopy

Ditch the glitch

This was my attempt to remove constant glitching. I attribute it to static electricit as it wasnt a range thing. My whole methodology was to ensure the entire frame was conductive and that static electricity could not jump from one isolated area to another.\ With all of the anodizing on the tail and boom blocks, the frame was being totally isolated from the tail. By sanding back to metal, the anodized parts, you could then check continuity over the whole frame with a multimeter. Since then no glitches! :-)

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