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November 14 2016
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December 20 2014

My New Uploads

Starting em early!

Last seen being thrown in a Schweitzer 300. Woulda used a 91 but it would have fell through the floorboard.
450m 4s 11t pinion 3360 hs

Friend's 700n, dammit I want one!
Another friend's 700n, waiting for a hand me down lol
Don't laugh it was a free hand me down!

Nice flying site too bad security came. Really, it's a bust.
Far cry from the Concept 30
SE w/ Neu 1107 2Y, Jazz esc, 401 gyro, 94761z tr servo, and Jr R770 pcm reciever

New main gear w/ 10 flights so far, good stuff.
LOUD canary in background approves of yellow canopy.
All carbon goodness. I dig the new Align carbon mains.
Just when I thought I had a bad day.

Chew up a box, I shtick it on your head.
Can we say 25 mistakes high? C'mon, it's only Concept 30 DX w/a H 500 body. Only -2 deg pitch travel. First loop.

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