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Welcome to BladeRunner's Gallery......enjoy!
Barry.....( BladeRunner ).

Here is a Post Office shot of me, sorry-NO REWARD!
Taken by Chris (sluggo) at the Tri-City Twisters meeting.

In light of the recent posts about accidents; Lets all keep in mind that SAFETY is ALWAYS Job1.......NO exceptions!!!
The Bunker.

This is R.I.O.S.--- RunRyder--Information--Observation--Station.
This is the "bunker" where I scoop all the great info you guys pass out!

JR Robinson R-22 Ergo 50 Type II, OS 50 KSJ Muffler.
75% done, just finnished applying the decals.
Finally finished, first time outside in the sunshine. Hope to fire it up soon...maybe today!
Just painted the tail case and blade tips.

Century header tank.

Some flying pics of the finished R-22
Hovering shot, flying after field work day, May 4, 2002.
Nice sky, can't tell how high the wind is.

Scale Helis.

70's something Kavan Jet Ranger, rescued from a ten year sentence hanging in a barn!
The "good old days" flew with NO gyro!
Fiberglass fuse.

My Field Equipment.

This is my custom flight box.
Radio storage, I built it after forgetting the radio once.
Power pannel.
Lots of room for everything I don't need!
Benford with cup adapter.

Continuous pack with one connecter.
Benford and charger/back up system.

Concept 60 SR.

I just got parts to convert to a tube drive, I bought this heli already built in a package deal, new but never flown, it needs a complete rebuild (newbie builder).
Concept 60 SR, so new the mounting gromets for the canopy aren't installed yet.
OS 61 SX & Hatroi muffler.......both new.
Closer shot of the progress.

30 size Bell 222 w/ retracts. Augusta 109A 30size.

I'm told it's a Yellow Aircraft fuse, I have a Concept to go in it. Augusta 109A 30 size, I might put a Nexus in it.
Bought from a friend who did the paint work.
Found hanging in a "non heli" boat hobby store, looked lonely so I rescued it.
I think it's a Funkey fuse?

Schluter Heli-Star 60.

This heli was given to me by a friend. He just recently gave me the original LG and cooling shroud, it looks better than the black gear that was on it.
Just as I got it from Ed.
Close up of frame & main gear.
Tail close up.
Newer shot with original LG and fan shroud.

Schluter Heli-Baby, circa 1974.

This was my first heli, JI-Joe was the pilot-he could fly a lot better than I could back then!
Nexus 30 w/ flapping head.
46 NSX decals.

VigorCS,YS STII,KSJ muffler,5000T,GV-1,MS710 FIA Pro.

Some of the tools and stuff I'm getting ready to build my Vigor CS with.
MS 710 FIA Pros, 97 tail blades.
YS ST II, JR 5000T, GV-1, KSJ.
Vigor CS, Still in the box, untouched except for a couple of head modifications.

A few pics of H.R.C.C.'s first helicopter Fun Fly Aug 10, 2002. It was well attended and everyone had a great time.
The weather was PERFECT! The company was GREAT! The food was good, and the flying was, da' hook! All in all a great first fun fly. Thanks to all who came out and made this the great success that it was!

A special THANKS goes out to all of the sponsors that were very generous!!
Group shot after the awards.
Robert's lovely family, his daughter picking HIS 50/50 ticket!!.
The "King" ...Robert and his challengers, David, Kay and Mike.
Parker Models Raptor 30 canopy, awesome paint work by Jeff key.

The auto challenge trophys and some of the door prizes.
Rodger Williams' (Aviation's) helis...nice!
The CD and event organizer, a LOT of work,but, I enjoyed every minute and learned a lot for the next one!!
This heli is mostly hand built by Roger Oxenham,(sitting far right) a H.R.C.C. club member...very interesting.

Robert "The King" getting his just reward.
Chris picked the Scweizer 300C check ride for his prize, he lives 5 min. away from SilverLine Helicopters.....big grin!!
Another great paint job by Jeff Key on Robert's Fury-X.
A break in the action, lots of nice helis....including a few Milles.

David Chu-second place.
Kay Thaele-third place.
Mike Zimmerman-fourth place.
Aviation & BladeRunner, Rodger was the offical "measure guy" for the auto spot landing contest.

Kevin "Mr. Inverted" Robertson, telling his heli...."no-no...the auto spot is over there". :~)
Ron & Chris enjoying the show.
OOOPS! Stuff happens---sorry Mike!
Mille Town!!

A few of the sponsors that I could get signs from.
Pinnacle Hobby and SilverLine Helicopters
Total Battery
A&J Hobbies

A few pics of the Missisauga Heli Fun Fly Sept. 7, 2002
Vario Jet Copter SX, being preped for a demo flight by Vario Canada East rep Daniel Grandmasion. This bird has a 6' rotor and is 22~23 lbs. ready to fly.
Jet Cat engine, 85,000 rpm 1240 rpm head speed...lots of power to fly this 22lb. beauty.
Fly by shot, this heli is SMOOTH and quiet.
A beautiful Vario Long Ranger w/ RC-230 Zenoah 4.8 hp. This heli is about 22 lbs. and I'm told it's only about $3.000 (Canadian) as it appears here (really well done and loaded).

A few more pics of Daniel demoing the Vario Jet Copter SX and Long Ranger RC230. For info visit

Charity Fun Fly for the Barrie Food Bank Oct.5,2002.
Group photo, 16 registered pilots.....darn good for a cold WINDY guys ROCK!! :~)
Talk about WIND!! check the "do" on this guy!!....LOL.
Daddy's helpers. :~) Helping with the food donation trailer and handing out drinks to those thirsty brave souls.... :~)
Jeff Key's cool R30 / Parker Models canopy.

David preping his Mille..
sluggo watching RappyFly smackin' his Mille.
sluggo & RappyFly....Mille still in one piece!!
Even Ron's dog enjoyed the show!!

Paul's Vario gasser....can you say.....HOLY Purple???
Darren check riding Paul's Purple "glow in the dark" Vario.....LOL.
Paul from LMAC catching some video.
Another look at Jeff's R30.....nice paint!!

Darren wowing the crowd....again!! :~)
It's ALWAYS a treat to watch Darren!
This is only one of Zimmy's Varios.... :~)
Another of Mike's Varios.....check the hand made aluminum flight box....nice :~)

More pics in "display all" Thanks for looking.... :~)

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