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Spectra G: Illustrated Parts Catalog  4.3mb This is an Illustration + Parts Listing catalog. I made it by extracting and merging relevant parts from two Spectra manuals: Instructions and Drawings (Extreme Head version).

Home-made flybar lock for larger helis. Fits the Spectra nicely.

My MinAir Spectra-G
Don't need to leave home to fly anymore. Cool.
Ample space to fly the Spectra and, of course, the T-Rex.

Raja's outstanding Jewel generator. Shown here sans the original motor sticker.

RF shield braid is protected with heat-shrink tubing

The little Walkera #4 seems smaller still!
Front view of an in-flight failure of a Tuff Strut skid. Front part of the skid suddenly detached from the heli.
Spectra with Tuff-Struts
Spectra with Tuff-Struts

Fuel recommendation on Zenoah's Owner's Service Manual
Spectrum of my Spectra's recorded sound showing engine at 11,940 RPM (199Hz).

My two-tank fuel system on the Spectra

The larger tank was placed upside-down to clear its bulge from the fwd canopy. Thanks for the tip, Raja! Adding the second, 16-oz tank to the Spectra significantly increases endurance. The chosen layout - stock tank near the engine and 16oz under the battery tray - allows the stock tank to remain visible. Since it only starts draining when the larger tank is empty, it is a good visual indication of remaining fuel. Also, this layout allows very short fuel lines, both from aux to main tank and from main tank to the engine.
Fuel system diagram - updated to better depict actual fuel line layout
Looking down from RH side of heli
Looking aft
Looking right, from LH side of heli

Looking right/aft, from LH side, near the fwd/left canopy mounting post

Dial indicator
The dial indicator
Clamp that grabs the indicator
Mounted dial indicator
Magnetic base detail

Assembling/setting up a T-Rex

This is a friend's T-Rex450SE V2. After assembling it, I got myself one, too.

She flies!
Torque Tube gears. No more belt here!

This was my Raptor 50 V2. I bought it used, flew some 200 flights and sold it. A very nice heli... I'm sure I'll miss it.

After finally selling the Raptor, I committed to gasoline. As much as I felt sad letting the Rappy go, I won't look back. No more nitro helis for me!
The Rappy & the Walkera #4 that taught me how to fly.

A friend photographed a burst of images during the loop, I then merged the photos.
This is what the TT 50 Pro piston & conrod looked like after the conrod failed in midair.

My first RC Tx

This Simprop SSM Contest was my first RC outfit, I used it from 1976 to around 1990. It had Tx and Rx modules so it could very easily switch bands (27/35/72MHz), a concept that decades later would be used by other manufacturers.

Other photos

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