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Welcome - Peter Kirby's Photos from Hamilton New Zealand
Low volt alarm for the Trex600 / Swift / Logo14 or similar 8,9-10S heli - US$40 each plus $6 postage per order worldwide.
designed to alarm between 26.5 and 35V The alarm uses the same light system as the 5-6S
How they all connect up.

Alarm for the Trex600 or similar 5-6-7S heli - US$35 each plus $6 postage per order worldwide.
6 x 60000mcd 10mm ultrabright leds. Adjustable from 16.6 up to 25v alarm threshold
Very, very visable.
Alternative mounting on the rear of a Trex600. Note, the res glow was due to 12v test supply, not the normal brightness.

Trex450 Low volt alarms available, now with 4 ultrabright 10mm LEDs - US$26 each
The lights-only alarm uses the same sensor as the piezo alarm
Visible from almost any angle, including nose-in

Small alarm for Lama / Honeybee size models. New version coming...
Preset to 9.9v non-adjustable. Weighs 4grams.
Preset to 6.6v non-adjustable. Weighs 4grams.

The models and modifications...
DIY larger landing gear. Made out of recycled ali. Very stable and not that heavy. I'll make a carbon u/c soon...
DIY u/c and motor heatsink
Test flight under the security light (don't fly this close!!!)
homebuilt pitch gauge, fully bearinged!!

Honeybee CP and the Trex
I rounded out a bit late. Best splat for me yet.
Other toys. Perfect for "my park"

On the wish list... Owner is the local shop owner. Very nice and loud

Yay - my new toy Dec 06. Trex600 Aluminium frame 1350mm electric heli
After 3 hours - a joy to build
After 5 hours of building over two nights
My neigbour is a budding airbrush artist. this was her first time at "Real Flame"

Test hops in 10 mph gusty wind

Aerial photos from my 1.4m electric plane - 3.2mp Pentax
aerial photograhy at home from my electric plane
Our house in the middle. In the summer, there are no football posts. Doesn't everyone walk 10 metres from their shed/hanger to "their field"???
Looking back at "my" park
Looking north up the Waikato River from Flagstaff

Flagstaff shops and "Allendale" retirement centre
The test plane, home design with AXI2208/34 motor 10x3.8 prop. Modified camera mount was aluminium pivoting - worked well.

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