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Gimbalicious Coptertronic Atmospheric Helimetrics
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A 50 Nitro
Bird on a Stick
Again on a Stick
Up High on a Stick
Still Stuck on a Stick

Poetry In Motion -- a Work of Art At Rest
Again with The Poetry
2 oz Cam Mount, Frame Brace & Engine Guard
5 oz Mount + 5 oz Cam

A 450 Electric
Clearly Bennett
Clearly Sunset
Clearly Midday
A Great Ass Any Day

A Micro Electric
A 10-Gram RC Heli
Ten Friggin' Grams!
A 3rd of a Friggin' Oz!
Deluxe Crash Kits $40

Some Planks
Screaming Yellow Zonker
An OS .46 Cruiser
An AV Motor Glider
'Cheep' Planks

Airfields & Aerial Photos
Bennett Field at 2000'
Bennett via Raptor 50
Bennett Field at Dusk
Free Runway Dusting

Lake Mead RC Field
A 50 Chasing a Plank
A 50 Chasing a Plank
A 50 Chasing a Plank

Tools & Equipment
A Rookie Pilot's Most Useful 'Tool' (Alan Sr.)
An Airtronics Stylus
A (Lefty's) Tx Tool
A Swizzle Stick

A Custom Panel
A Custom Field Box
A 5 oz, 5" Video Cam
A Perfect Throttle Cuervo

The 2006 Mark McAlpine Memorial Rotory Classic
Scale Helis
Scale Helis
Scale Bottita
Scale Pilots

Al Wert & Len Mount
Len Mount & Al Wert
Len Mount & Al Wert
Peter Wales' EC-135

Scale Lamas
Scale Lamas
Jake & Dave Bottita
The Bottitas

The 2006 Fabulous Las Vegas Heli FunFly
Eric Larson
Larson's Damage
Youngblood's Tx
Youngblood's Damage

Ray & Alan Jr
Ray Nemovi
Ray's Midair Damage
Girard's Midair Damage

Airtronics SD-10G Manual (minus the Glider segment)

Miscellaneous Fiddle Faddle

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