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My Lama on the Reflex Simulator (January 2008)
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Download the file for Reflex Model Flight Simulator, made by Eric Fague from Swiss here:  183k
Just unzip it and put it under the Program Files/REFLEX/Heli folder
Tested on the last regular version: 5.03.0 XTR
December 2007 - First Snow

November 2007: Going V-BAr !
Before: 3 Gyros !

A video in flight (day and... night)

Shortest video..

Maxx flood Light 22mm = 1 Watt !!! AND SWITCHES...

10/2006 - 3 blades... 3 Gyros and THE transportation box!

My First Paint Job (September-October 2006)

Settings: Hirobo Lama 30, Hacker C50 19XL, Jazz 55-6-18 Kontronik controller, Gy401- Futaba 9254 servo, R149DP PCM receiver, 3 x Futaba 3151, GoQuick Carbon Blades,
Batteries: 2x 6S2P 4000mah Thunder Power in parallel, 2x 6S2P 4200mah Thunder Power and 2 x 6s1p 3700 evo20 new formulation... Explosif!!!
Upgrades: -2 copper basket, silver soldered by hand...
-blue clutch from a Shuttle conversion kit sold by Quick Heli
Weight: 3.800 kg without the battery/ies
Coming soon: To be painted(done-learning with air brush), to remove the tank (done), to install Gyro and tail servo instead, to go with 3 rotor head (550 mm NHP Razor Blades) and... 3 Gyros 401 (tail-elevator aileron) DONE !!! I just finished painting the blades!

Before paint job & electric settings !

Friend Fadi doing a collar for the Lama, at the field, from a sprite bottle

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