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i have got used to the looks now , like the raptor at first,a bit ugly
standing pretty
V2 Raptor Grips and Spindle work a treat on the Voyager
before i sorted the wiring and electric positions out

raptor skids too
as below
my simple brace made out of 2 ball links drilled out to 6mm and slid over before you glue the ends on
uni-flow pressure feed, big bend in fuel pipe to try to avoid syphon effects on start up,and shut off clip.

belt and braces tail end , but very expensive.
raptor v2 grips and head button now,
i bent the ends by inserting a 6mm drill bit and adjustable spanner the other end, no deformation of hole then
looking very neutral at half stick, all level and square

the finished clamp, minus the lugs and cleaned up with a wire brush
my uni-flow fuel system, and 2 filters,
this is what the clamp looks like after two 15min dunks in mr muscle oven cleaner
my last crash did this to my 9252, only the output gear shattered

counter 6th june 2003

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