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Gift from My best buddy Paul Grohman, Thanks so much paul!
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X-Cell 60 i got from AIRPLANEDOOD..Awesome heli mike, enjoy the rex!

Gazaur Mars 480 in the desert


the two on the right are mine

14 years old, 6 foot 4 inches, and the 90 is hurting my foot!
oh yes! autos on the maiden!
Way to do a mainden voyage
flies great, before the crash

well, MG servo, and metal arm, screw came out(didnt think to locktite that!) it rolled right after i let off the right and just headed off into a tree at about 40 MPH, its about 50 ft high in the tree, you just cant see!
heres the branch those nice 115$ CY radix blades lopped off(about 3 inches thick) and yours truley
aaah am i glad to see it back! now comes the maiden(after a few hundred$!)

A few random pictures
hehe better keep the motor on my tensor better! down to bone 3 times
before i flew with my canopy, lost orientation and made a nice inverted landing, the bogging didnt help either:D

raptor engine test time
alan's (former) big and beautiful!

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