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After returning from my deployment to OIF 03, I got home to my friends and family and started life again with a new focus..

We left the very next week we were released to Disney and spent weeeeks!

I was lost in space with my family Fun Fun Fun!...

One of my other goals was returning to my Hobby R/C!.

So eBay provided me with the means to get back in track without having to spend a lot.

"You can really find some good deals in RunRyder too!"

I have purchased quite a few things trhu this site.

I try to maintain my Web site up to date with the latest things happening to me.

If you would like to see that one, click here

Well.. enought story telling... Here are my model Helis!

My First Nitro Helicopter - Century Hawk Sport .30
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I bought this one in the Xmas of 2004. It was from a fellow on eBay and he had not flown the machine. My first thought were "something is wrong here" after I read the manual and found some parts the other way arround. After some courage and help from a friend "thanks Citrix" I cranked it up and started the engine breakin and blade tracking. Some tanks later I was flying this helo by myself! A great First Helicopter. Period!!!!

My second and third helis where Hirobo Sceadu's!

Excelent reviews guided me in the path of the light! Hirobo is just too precise and well built stuff! I am in it for life!
"A little night flying action in the Las Catalinas Mall, parking lot Nice!"

Now I keep this Hirobo Sceadu Evolution .50

This Helo has an OS .50 Hyper, GY401, DS811 all over and HeliMax sport Blades.

My First FREYA! - These Helos are HOT!

Boy oh boy.. I can explain how exited I was when this "big box" arrived... It was my first .60 - .90 machine! And I fell in love with the word Freya....

My Heli Pride and Joy - Freya Evo .90

I purchased this Kit from a local friend who I really apreciate a lot! He tought me so much about helis, and flew them so well... WOW... thank you David! (DaveHour) YS .91 with Special Tod Bennet Hatori Pipe, Futaba S9252 all over, Gy-601, 9Ch JR PCM RX. Regulated Li-Po Battery, RotorTech Mains and Rail, VEEEEERRY NICE!

Other Photos!
"Sold this rappy to my friend Vic3d. Nice Canopy huh!"
"A day in the Gramas Lindas Field with Citrix Vic3D and Triton3D"

Friends movies, and mine!

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