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Yes Honey! Be right there!
"It's the same heli, honey!"


Raptor 50
Back Again
The Day After
The Day after
Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sunday Bloody Sunday
Have A Nice Day
Raptor 50

TRex 450XL CDE

Comet 500
Raptor 50 and Comet 500

ARK X400

Hornet CP

Raptor 30
R30 with Parker Model Canopy and a Tuned Pipe
R30 with GY601/9251

R30 with CSM RL10/9252
R30 with 3 KOPROPO 2123 servos

Raptor 30 V2 Build
One of the best days

Hirobo Shuttle Original : Born 1984 - died 2005

Hirobo Shuttle Original with Jethobbies Fuselage

GWS Mini Dragonfly
GWS Mini DF with Megatech Mega Chopper Canopy

In The Beginning
approx. Fall 2005 - I haven't moved out from this space since
This is how I got the 1984 Hirobo Shuttle Original


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Toronto RC Heli Club
Toronto RCHC - 2006 Funfly
Rob's Aurora w/ DX-7
Trex 600 Lineup
to visit Toronto RC Heli Club.

MISCELLANEOUS - Sold:Traded:Crashed:Kept
Freakin' Dumbthumb

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