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"The Scale Master"


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Scale Master MD-500 Defender progress video!

Scale Master AH-64 Isreali Apache Complete

Scale Master RC Featuring Xlights Lighting Systems

Scale Master 2007 Video Enjoy...

My Old Job As an F-16 Pilot In the USAF.

Scale Master Helis In Action!! Enjoy.... Mute Gallery Sound at the Top of the Screen Before Playing the Videos.

500 Size Scale MD-500 Defender

2 Scale Dophin Electric Helis. The Grey Navy Camo is now Complete

Scale Master Israeli AH-64 Apache

Scale Master UH-60 Pavehawk & Blackhawk

Hirobo AH-1 Super Cobra Electric Conversion. Shoots Real Rockets!! (as seen on YouTube)

2 MORE 1/18 Scale Pavehawk & Blackhawk Heli's Just finished Oct 07' (as seen on YouTube)

1/18 Scale MH-6 Little Bird Conversion (as seen on YouTube)

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