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December 15 2015
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My New Uploads
JR 10s with ext battery and balance mechanism

Predator NX SE
Need to toss original muffler
Century V3 coming soon
Repositioned secondary coil
Need to paint canopy

Added fuel trap and air trap

Original Futura SE
My beloved Futura SE with over 2000 flights
Futura SE with Homemade canopy
My R&D

My Babe
An old dog BUT
What a champion
a tad ugly, but nice !

EVO 90 - a cheap champion
EVO 90 with YS 91
EVO 90

ERGOGAS - now deceased
Ergogas - now deceased

My Planes
Beech Musketeer w/SAITO 182 twin, century retracts
Goldberg Extra 300 with YS 120 AC
33% Spacewalker with SAITO 300 twin

Spacewalker with Saito 300 twin
33% Spacewalker -Saito 300 twin
YS 91 in 40size junker!
Pirate Extra 260 with 3W60 and Midwest Extra 300 with 3W48 twin-

4STAR120 w/YS 120AC, now with SAITO 182 twin
4 Star 120 with Saito 182 twin
4 Star 120 with Saito 182 twin
Midwest Extra 300 with 3W-48 twin

Cessna 182-Boring, but flaps work great
Cessna 182
Midwest Extra 300
F16, 120mph ducted fan

Byron F-16 w/ OS 91 - cannot stall wings !
CUB, rolls into knife edge with grace

Futura SE Home Made Canopy in GFRP - Fun Project
Home made fibreglass canopy -Futura SE
Futura SE with hand made canopy
Futura SE - woodies
Futura SE

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