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Raptor 90 Full Quick UK, 601 /9251,9254/Throtle Jocky Pro,9252s JR 8611 Pitch ,Duralite 2800
The Start
The Power Plant


Mine and Gregs 90s

Raptor 50V2, OS .50 Hyper, 9252's, 601/9251, TJpro/9253, 2800 mil Duralite, Quick UK complete head
My 9C Super &my choppers
Vinal done by Hutch 964
Wind screen painted by me
Backing up

A little 3D

my first night flight

Raptor Details
Quick Uk head
Open tail case
Push pull by thundertiger
Whip ant & muscle pipe 2

OS 50 Hyper
601 Gyro
3D tail fins

Raptor 2 IN red Full Quick Uk DS 8411s & DS 8611, 601 Gyro 2800 duralite Throtle jocky rev max & 9253

Raptor Storage


Some Hovering
A little 3D

E-Flite Blade CP
Kinda cute aint it
Hovering in 10-15 mph winds

MY MX 400

Some Flying

My Autogyro PT 25
My first Auto Gyro
My first Flight
Georges Gyro

My Airplanes
My home built dual landing roundtoit
The ultimate bip
the flying lawn mower
My P51

My Perfection
Knif edg slow flight

Some tail touching
My 27% Cap 232

My Flying Friends
Alton & his new Raptor 50


Poor George
2006 Ricks fun fly

poor George (Again)

Retired Helis
PHI 60
PHI 60
my concept

Friends Helis
Greg flying his raptor 30
Coopers minatuer air craft
Alton & his Raptor 30
Alton &me & our Raptors

George's Dragonfly 35 Electric
George &his first hover with his new raptor 50
Georges new vinal

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