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Magnified Carb Pics

Pitch Curves


Removing Clutch Bearings

Sensor Block mountings
FS8 sensor

Carbon Link Turnbuckles

Head Loaders

AP20001 With Eclipse 7
Harness for dedicated APi Calibration

Stens Clunk (Plugged)

Indicating the Rotor Head

New Improved Frame
My two Predators

Redesigned Heavy Duty Clutch

My Visual Aids
Visual aide Front
Visual aide Back
Antenna Wire
Heli restraint

Taching with prop tach
Taching Hover Speed
Taching 3/4 stick
Heli restraint


Crash 2
Second Wipe out
Not that old

The Final Mods
Inertia Block
New Generator driven off from flywheel
Back View
x Brace

Front Left Side
Pulley mounted to flywheel
Under carrage
Mod to Motor

Tank Straps
Vertical Fin made from 1/8 aircraft ply

Doing Alignments

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