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April 05 2020
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T Rex Setup Log
This is setup record I use to record the radio settings for a heli during setup.
It helps to recover quicker form a crash.
Blank Sheet (MS Word Version)  102k
Blank Sheet (PDF Version)  28k
Example of a Completed Sheet  31k

Pictures of a repaired Carbon Fiber (CF) frames

Repairs to frames side using CF string and CA, and here how it's done.

1) Sand both sides of the frame where the CF string is to placed.
2) Using Thick CA, place a think layer of CA on one side of the broken area.
3) Cut length of CF string so it overlapps both sides of the broken are by 1/2 inch.
4) Spanned the string across the broken area.
5) Using a plastic baggie over your finger to smoothed out the CA and CF sting while it drys.
6) Repeated the above steps on the other side of the frame.
7) Go back with thin CA and wet both sides of the broken area to harden it.

So far it seems to be holding and looks like it will be strong enough�.well at least to save $22 by not replacing the lower frame set.

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