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Helpful Files

T Rex Setup Log
This is setup record I use to record the radio settings for a heli during setup.
It helps to recover quicker form a crash.
Blank Sheet (MS Word Version)  102k
Blank Sheet (PDF Version)  28k
Example of a Completed Sheet  31k

Pictures of a repaired Carbon Fiber (CF) frames

Repairs to frames side using CF string and CA, and here how it's done.

1) Sand both sides of the frame where the CF string is to placed.
2) Using Thick CA, place a think layer of CA on one side of the broken area.
3) Cut length of CF string so it overlapps both sides of the broken are by 1/2 inch.
4) Spanned the string across the broken area.
5) Using a plastic baggie over your finger to smoothed out the CA and CF sting while it drys.
6) Repeated the above steps on the other side of the frame.
7) Go back with thin CA and wet both sides of the broken area to harden it.

So far it seems to be holding and looks like it will be strong enough�.well at least to save $22 by not replacing the lower frame set.

Helpful Files

Pitch Setup
I documented the process of setting up the head on a heli.
Please feel free to check it out provided feedback if you wish.
Pitch_Setup_rev3.pdf  3.6mb

My T Rex 450 Parts List
This ZIP file contains a MS Excel spreadsheet of the parts I have stockpiled for
quick crash repairs.
Feel free to check it out and use the information, but I will not make changes on
request or support the information in the file. This was for me and only me�.
I�m just sharing it.

However I have provided PDF files of the contents of the
MS Excel File for those that can not open the original file.  6k
TREX_Parts_List_090707_List.pdf  14k
TREX_Parts_List_090707_Sources.pdf  13k

T Rex 450 SE V1
Trex_450seV1_Manual.pdf  4.9mb

T Rex 450 SE V2
This manual is broken into three sections to avoid the
RunRyder 10 Meg upload limit.
Pages 1 to 12  7mb
Pages 13 to 24  8mb
Pages 25 to 35  5.3mb

Technical Links
Scotia Bladerunners Model Helicopter HOME
Scotia Bladerunners Theory Part

Tips from Youngblood

Flying maneuvers instructions:
I got to give credit where credit is do, the following files were collected from Spurry's Gallery
At the time I collected them his last post was over 1205 days ago.

ESC Governor modes:
I have been using a stock Align 35 (version 2006) in governor mode without any problems,
but there is a consensus in the heli community that the Align ESC is junk.

Hmm I haven�t had any major issues, however I�m a bit anal when it comes to a smooth flying heli.

Not to flog a dead horse, I will get to the subject at hand. In search for information on
setting up other ESCs I have collected some stuff from other places on the web, which I'm sharing.

First is Trex setup tips and CC35 settings from KaminazRcPilot here on RR:
I copied his file to My Gallery from his on Setting up the T-Rex

Phoenix CC35 settings that was collected form a reply to a POST from
KamikazRcPilot about the CC35 in Governor mode.
Here is a list of the parameter settings for the CC35 in Governor Mode
Side Note, The last info I found on the software was that version 1.55 was the best and to avoid 1.56!

Align ESC Modifications:
The older Align ESC was known for thermally shutting down due to over heating. I came
across this document on Helifreaks that explained how to modify the ESC heatsink to
correct the over heating issue.
I have been flying the older style ESC from day one with this modification and have had
NO issue of over heating.

Align_35G_ESC_mod_www.wavelandps.pdf  652k

A directory of 363 assorted RC helicopter links:
Goto The Website

These are PDF files to be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Good list to go by for when preparing a flight. Download these by right-clicking the item and then clicking on 'Save Target As'.

4-point forward flip

45 degree climbing forward flips

backwards-inverted figure-8





knife-edge piroeutte

outside loop

piroeutting flip

piroeutting loop

Tumbling Circuit

staionary backwards/forward flips

sideways loop

square loop

Click here to download my vote for the BEST helicopter video. Todd Bennett flying his Fury!

Download these by right-clicking the description or the picture and then clicking on 'Save Target As'. Once downloaded, please follow the installation steps that you can find here.

To see some of the heli's from the screensavers, check out the aboce photo albums. Obviously they are not all my heli's so I thank those who contributed to the screensavers.


JR Heli








Night Flying



Heli-Chicks (18)

3D Masters 2003


RC Heli -not mine
Download these by right-clicking the items and then clicking on 'Save Target As'.

G2 Recording: Spurry - Low Roll-Out

CAA To Probe Plane Crash - Dad's accident

Italian man who went to malta. A VERY FUNNY audio file

Magic Roundabout, the terrible driving obstacles in England.


CSM540 instructions

GWS-PG01_GYRO instructions

Bearing Failures-Causes + Cures

CSMV10 Simulator Instructions

Click "HERE to download some midi files.

Click here to get thinking about BADGERS !!!


THANK YOU to all who have contributed pictures! I have developed these photo albums to gather the best of the pics displayed here on Runryder and have categororized them for your viewing ease. I hope you enjoyed browsing the pages and check back soon as this gallery is under constant construction.If your stunning pictures are displayed here and would like it removed, please

To save the pics, click the small rectangular box under the pics and copy the location after the {IMG} tag that pops up. Not the one with a '-' before the jpg. Paste it into another browser, click enter then right click the pic and 'save as'.
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Hope you liked it!

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