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How to get power to the Blades

The connectors up top
The screw connects with the main shaft
connection at the base of the main shaft
The second lead snakes down to the swash

The wire is connected to the top of the swash
shown here as well
This is the bottom of the swash where the lead goes
These wires connect to the main battery

The Blades
First try
They worked
but the connection was screwy

Second try
the inverter caused too much intereference
also no lift

Three LED's in series
but major modification to the blades
and they balanced very poorly

SMT LED's work great!
Copper foil tape is the secret

Lighting the body & canopy
More SMT LED's
Get power from main battey

The mounts act as the switch
2 ni-mh batts for power and 3 LED's
lights when canopy is attached

The darker it gets...
the brighter it is!

The Latest Look
Canopy for Night Flying
Electroluminescent tape on the boom

Maverick Blades are busted
Canopy is too
Now its 3 pieces

Cracked this one like an egg
Check out the main gear
It means "Modified"

My first dye job (a while back)
All the black used to be grey!
I used powdered RIT dye
The main gear took 30 minutes to dye
everything else took 3 minutes in the dye

Custom Tail Blades

This shows how to fine tune tracking

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