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This is my new Gallery. I will try to remember to take my camera with me from now on. Oh and someone to take the pics too.
Hawk Pro

Does this look right to you? I'm not sure if it is. Please PM me and let me know.

Collective full down
Collective full up
The Tail servo and push rod. This looks a little too flexed to me.

My Job
Oh yeah, it's work. I can't believe I get paid to fix helicopters.
Here, you can see the blade cuff attached to the blade. the entire blade hangs from that point once it's removed.
A rope is tied on to this end for safety. This is to guide the blade from the ground as soon as it comes out of the spindle.
We had our three newest members, at there first unit less than 3 weeks, removing a spindle. I just supervised, and let them go to town.

Got to get the bolts out that are prosealed in, this can be fun.
And a little closer look.
Going to town in it now from both sides.
Upon initial inspection inside the hub, where there's only a small 2 inch hole to look through, we thought this may be bad. There's no Elastomere excursion allowed.

Here's the hub with the spindle out
and a little closer

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May 03 2006

May 02 2006

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