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Beware of Flying things that show there Teeth !!
Fun movie I made to show my new paint job...
Me with Raptor V2 OS.30
Forward landing, habit of 27 years of rc plane flying
Great fun

Raptor Attack, man this is fun
Welcome my new baby, second helicopter T-rex 450XL
T-Rex field hanger, Rarely I well let out TO FEED IT.
T-Rex all feed and ready to go.

My first Rc Heli, Mantis 40 Hovering/crashs/lack of parts, my reason I left heli for 20 years.
...20 years after the Mantis, here I am again hovering. Easy, sorta
traveling Trophy, I still have it!
gyro-not flown yet

some of my "just for fun Video's"

Planes of the Past and Present
my pride and joy What a wild Cat flyer. Tons of fun
Jemco Mustang, 60 size blue stang, F16 glider mod/40 pusher(fast)
Pitts/my daughter Sarah
GreatPlains Citabra, tricky/tough flyer

mount cam on hum V, need to use camera/take humV
RC plane pilot, reason Men will play with dolls
My electric flying friends, cold still day fun

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