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boomstriker1234's gallery

boomstriker1234's gallery
Arava Airshow 2006 in Israel
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Well this was the 6th year that the Arave Airshow is taking place in Israel. this year we had as usual Helis and Planks Freestyle event, unfortunly i won only second place. this year we had the German team that was last year and the Great swiss aerobatic team that showed all of us what Giants really are with planes like 70% Reno with 700cc engine that weigth 300 KG! The Event was over then Amazing with over 6000 spectators, i just cant wait for the next year!

The Giant 70% Reno
Look at that beast!!
The "small" Pitts
Lior next to the Hercules

The Airbus, amazing!

The challenger

Wonderfull 3D
And one of us
Ziv Bitton

The Reno at a loop
Some fasssst jet

3\4 Scale Pitts that crashed! ouch

Herculed and fantom
The AMAZING concord!

Well this beutiful day is over, All the 3D Heli guys rocked the sky that day and that is it, enjoy!
My 17 Birthday
Guy And Oren Checking the food
Guy Checking Out the Table ( - ;

I think guy is Heppy....
What Do you say?
After the landing

My New Canopy For The Stratus
At The Artist,

With The Second MA Stratus

Extreme #1 is now Stratus #2- Iam in love with this bird!
Well Well Well, what do we have here?
Yep, its the Second Stratus conversion from Ricks With HD clutch
The Engine, OS91PS
Left Frame

Almost Ready
With Electronics
That is it, Ready to go
With The Canopy( Dont know whats wrong with my camera...)

Other side
And My 2 Babies ( - :
I love them!!!!!!

MA Stratus Project
The Conversion
The Condemned To Death ( - ; Extreme#2
Taking the Extreme Apart.
With out the Engine, Boom and Landing gear

All the electronics is out.
That is it, the Extreme is Dead ) - :
Never mind, ill get over it ( - ; Stratus Right frame
Right And Left Frames

Frames with the clutch and the Tempest bearing block
Frames, base plate and landing gear
Now i just need to wait for the Transmission Block from Rick's
Ya! all the goodies from Rick's

The Engine
The Airframe with the Engine
Airframe with all the Elc'
Close up on the sweet wiring

Look what i just got.....
With the Amazing SB18FH
With the Boom on
That is it, Ready to go( Left Frame)

Right Frame
With the Temporary Canopy on it
That is going to some sweeet paint Job
Me and My baby( few hours before test flight that was great by the way ( - : )

New HD clutch
HD clutch installed
The New Revmax For it

My Xcell Fury Extreme #2(That Became to be the Stratus above)

Fury Extreme, OS91PS, 2 piece Zimmerman, 9252x4, GY601, MAH Battery,TJP, MAH blades.

My Xcell Fury Extreme #1

Fury Extreme, OS91PS,MP2, 9252x3 and 9253x1, GY601, Duralite Battery, TJP 2, MAH Blades.

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