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My GT-86 Summer Toy
Click me for my Heli Fleet pics

My Gun Hobby :)
Tag your it
Spank da monkey

RX size comparisons
Vstabi hookups to spektrum

April, 2006
The Logo family :)

Logo Sunkist
Little Rex and last nitro Rappy

Table shot, March 2006 :)
HoloFoil, Awesome stuff!!!
I can grab it!!!

Hugo and his Racoon
Hugo and Maddie

My Ol' tx Futaba 9C Super I had..
JR 9303 2.4ghz version
DX7 Special

My nitro starter
Powerjazz,,,Man I want one!
g2loqs tp to fp plugs circuit for tp to fp lipos
Local wildlife at work, Lynx
Pincher creek windfarm

Bling Bum Baby!

Series plug pic

Robotic Insect art is cool!

Grammer police!

More CowBell!
Aww Jeez..

Useless without pics gif
Lottery ticket

Owned !
Bunny pancake

The SE Misquito!

Red SE, woot I need one!
Magic 8 Ball
Ferret Ring, lol
Rambo Squirrel, lol!

Numba 1!
Calgary, Alberta~Canada
Bitch remote!
Another Biotch remote, lol

Flying my foamy Edge, 2007

Oh Yeah!
Cock a doodle do!

You fail!

Ultimate Savage!
My pink Dungeon, lol

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