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    Local PCAMA Pix
Good freind Willie and his Son Triston
Willie flying his R22
A happy Willie

Willies new L10 ride
Willie in position of his RIP heli, my remains as well, lol.

Willie hugging his electrified Funtana
WE T-Rex 600 Side shot

WE T-Rex 600 inverted
Willie da' rapper?
W & Brio
Stop that brio from humping that 600!!

Willie, Aspire 2007
Willies (E) Yak, April 2008

Jet hauler??

Cory and his Turbine jet, June 06
Corys' jet, funfly 2006

John training Aubrey
Jack D' & his New Fly Ride, nice!

Damn! Big Plane!! :O
How many??

Big B and His Ultimate

Xcell Crunchorama!
Big Bs' new AH Canopy, nice indeed

Big Bs' new R90 Belt conversion, nice :'
Big B R90, 2006
Big Bs' new profile plane
Big B and His Profile

Big Bs' organized trailer
Manny and his Profile
Manny doing some preflight checks

Mannys' New plane, April 2006
Manny, June 06 Funfly

Tom & Willie workin the bugs!
Canadian EH!!!!
Toms X-Cell, R.I.P naughty heli
Tom and his Swift, winter day!

Woohoo another pack we go!
Swift and the Moooooon :)
Tom loving his Shogun!!

Tom & E Funtana
Tom and his E-Fliton
Tom and his stretched Logo 10
Tom invert Logo 14

Thomas and his Stryker
Toms Float Plane 1 Summer 2008
Toms Float Plane 2 Summer 2008
Darrell and one of his many planes

Ross enjoying the day
Crazy winter foolzzz! :)
Mannys' Nitrobom! :O

Manny & Willie
Manny and his new foamy edge, March 07

Manny and his E Yak54
Manny & Willie EYak54
Manny E Yak, WOW!

Manny more.. EYak!
Manny and his Jet Ranger, Spring 2008
Manny and his (E) Profile, April 2008
Manny hovering his Dvio in gym

Fran hovering her 600 Rex
Fran and her 600 Rex, April 2008
Another great flight for Fran!

Fran Night shot
Young Lincoln at table
Dustin in hover..
Dustin Night shot, 2009

Lincoln & Manny
Thumbs up from the MannyO'
Lincoln & Xcell, fall 07
Hmmm abit too windy for an old guy and his Ultralight me thinks....

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