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Century E640 Scale Jet Ranger Project
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MH6 Little Bird 5 Bladed Main Rotor Project
Hover Test


SWE 530MM blades
SWE 530MM blades

Mikado Driver 1
Mikado Driver 2

TREX 450 Trainer Project

A123 Lipo Battery Project
Cells Salvaged From 36v DeWalt Pack
Cells Aligned
Cells Soldered, TP Tap and Covering Installed
Initial Test

Current Project - Logo 24 converted to 60 size OH-58A
Scale Subject 1
Scale Subject 2
Scale Subject 3
Scale Subject 4

Scale Subject 5
Scale Subject 6
Century Fusalage
Camo Paint

What is this?
Step Detail
01-10-08 Let The Fun Begin

Bell Specs
Bell Specs

Determine Scale
Landing Skids 1st try
Landing Skid Bow
Landing Skid Interior Frame

Landing Skid Interior Frame
Treating The Seams
1/2 Painted and Fitting Mechs

Scale Nav Light Package

Flybarless 1
Flybarless 2
Flybarless 3

Helicommand Mount 1
Helicommand Mount 2
Helicommand Mount 3

Helicommand Mount 4
Helicommand Mount 4
Crash 1
Crash 2

Crash 3
Crash, After Repair
Frame Ground
Boom Ground

HeliCommand Rigid
90% done
90% done
90% done

90% done

OH-58A Project - Flight Testing after Elec Glitch

OH-58A Project - HeliCommand

OH-58A Project - Phase Timing

OH-58A Project - Navigation Lights

OH-58A Project - Test Flight

OH-58A Project - Helicommand Position Mode Test

Logo 24 (Stretch for 700mm w/ Nue 1915/1.5Y) converted to 60 size Semi-Scale Agusta 109A
Original, Front
Original, Side

Original, Back
Stretched Back View
Stretched Front View
Logo 24 - 14

Neu 1915/1.5Y Mounted w/Spacer
Helper Spring (10 lbs + Total Flight Wgt)
Select Scale - Century Agusta 109A

Start of project - Jan 2007
Determine Mounting Loc
Mounting Platform
Mounted Logo 24 Frame

Flight conditions
1st Spool-up Test - Ground Resonance
Fuselage frame Brace
Fuselage frame Brace

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