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My RC Pics (I'll add as I get more)
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Me and My EVO 50
5 pilots, 19 helis ;) Another good day!
"Shooter" and his Bell 47
"DickDils" and his Huey

Got EVOs? check! Got Pegasus? check!

The Boss's 1982 359 Peterbilt
Drive it like a Fire Truck!
Diesel smoke makes me horny
Attempted burnout... High range next time.

I'm not driving this truck anymore. I'm now in a 2004 Kenworth. But this one has way more character.
My Crazy Family
Brother John
Brother WC
Dad (870heli) at machine gun shoot (count the flying brass)
My Daughter and me

My Daughter, me, and my ex :o(
Man they grow FAST!
Father/Son bonding

My brothers look like frightening Grizzly Adams types... but they both work and hunt outdoors in the winter when those pics were taken.
My Crazy Friends and I
*Sigh* Yes, he's my friend
Me in the old 'yota
Our Camp site with my old 'yota
(Some of) The crew

ahhh... all the comforts of home
Jack and Jill MUDBOG (brother Johns ford)
J&J MUDBOG (Yes, thats a real military HMMWV.. sweet helmets)

Brother WC's Scout II (Custom tranny fluid injection plumbed to exhaust via washer pump)
Brother WC's Scout II "SSSSSMOKIN!"
Brother WC... Stirrin the soup.
The day before I got the Firestone tire recall done on my Ranger. ;)

Brother Johns Toy. 501ci, 4spd, 4.10's, detroit lockers front & rear. aaargh!
501ci stroked big block in Johns Toy. shaaaween

Misc. Stuff

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