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Welcome to Perfesser Zero's Gallery
(last update 4/30/07)
    My New (Used) 450X (Mod CCPM) and 450XL T-Rex's
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    Hawk Sport bellcrank CCPM - many thanks to ZXXFlyer

    Tiger 50 Crash Pics
Left canopy
Left frame
Top frame with broken shaft
Strut broken in same place - glued

Right canopy
Loose belt
Broken & bent TR
Loose belt on TR

Right frame breaks
Frame breaks
Servo and frame breaks
Frame breaks

Broken shaft
Broken shaft and swash
Broken mixing arm
Broken main gear

Broken frame
Broken shaft
Broken shaft
Bent spindle

Bent spindle

    My New Uploads
Century Hawk Sport
Century Hawk Sport
Audacity Tiger 50
TT Raptor 30 v1/v2

    New Tiger 50 pics

    Out at the flying field
Me sitting while waiting for the Tiger 50 to charge.
Raptor 30 with new metal head block.
Rapter 30 and new radio.

    Heli flying buddy "Bill" and his beater Raptor v1 30
Raptor v1/v2 30

Raptor v1/v2 30

    Century Hawk Sport counter shaft and bearing mod

  My Fleet as of May 2006
Raptor, Hawk and Tiger

Nose in Hovering!
Bent Tiger parts!

  Audacity Models Tiger 50

    New and old starters

New Hobbico Starter w/battery pack.

New Hobbico Starter.

Old Hi-Torq starter w/homemade battery pack.

Old Hi-Torq w/battery pack.

    My JR Transmitters

JR X-347 7 channel Tx for my planes.

JR XP8103DT 8 channel Tx for my helis.
My new Pride and Joy!!!
Rx I bought for the 10X

Case that came with the 10X

    Some new and old updates of past and present equipment

JR servo stabilizer.

JR switch mounted on foam to frame.

Another shot of the JR stabilizer.

JR G550T gyro and Futaba 9253 tail servo.

New shot of my metal rotor head on the Hawk.

Different angle on Hawk metal rotor head.

  My New Rolling Toy Box

New 2006 5X8 Rolling Toy Box.

Checkerboard flooring installed.

ClosetMaid shelf and heli hangers installed.

Close up of heli hangers.

Side saddle storage.

Heli's Hanging!!!.

Backed off view of interior.

Planes on their racks.

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