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!!!THIS IS NOT SAFE, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! GET OVER THE FIELD AND HAVE LOTS OF SPACE!!! --- No-one was hurt in the making of these photo's.
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My Raptor 30 V2

Hi there, I'm Richard from Colchester this is my first Helicopter. I have had lots of cars and trucks, 2 of these i still have, but I have always wanted to fly, so at long last I bought a Heli. I'm using a Raptor 30, with a OS.37SZ-H Engine and a Zimmerman Muffler, the radio system I'm using is the Hi-Tec Optic 6. Having only starting in November 2004 the weather has not been that great so I've not taken her out as much as I'd of liked to. I know that November is a odd time to start, but I had to start sometime. When these pictures were taken I'd only done a few tanks and was still getting a feel for the Heli. I am getting there and things are going well.

Starting to go
Bling Bling!!!
Looking inside
Hi-Tec Optic 6
O.S.37 Engine

Before Start Up
This is only
my 4th tankf!!!
17th April 05
Just over 1 Gallon burnt
17th April 05

17th April 05


Well things are going well. Sorry no new pictures at the moment, have burnt around 3 gallons of Model Technics 10% Heli mix, but I found it to be too low in power!
I've now changed to Magnum 20% and WOW what can I say?!? Its great so much better, and the enging stays cool all the time, where as with the Model Technics fuel, it would get hot, no matter what I did, or there was not enough power to do anything. I've only justed half a gallon of the Magnum fuel but what a difference.
Still learning hovering, side on, and tail. Am about to learn Nose in, so wish me Luck! I'll get there soon.
Other Radio Controlled

This is a picture of my Raptor and my Savage. The Savage is around 7 months old now, and great fun for both racing and doing tricks.
The over all size of the Savage, including the size of the wheels, together these help to "fly" and do nose and tail flips in the air. Then landing in on its large wheels and 8 shocks, it just takes it all with no real problems.
My Raptor 30
& my
Savage SS
Savage SS
My Savage all
Bling Bling

My SS doing some
My SS doing some
Ian's Savage SS
In Action!!!
Hyper 7 Sport
1/8th Buggy

All Files & Other

Heli File to come...  4.9mb  2mb

More Pictures to follow, please keep an eye out.
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