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Ancientaviator's Gallery
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Air to Air

Air to air
747 - on 3 engines ?!!?


Align ESC kept very cool by ...
RadioShack heat sinks

Raptor 50 with Freya Evo 90 Head

The New Flying Field
The Loungeroom
The Outlook
A Minor Obstruction

Aircraft Carrier - "Have heli, will travel"
The Ultimate

Trex's and e-Raptor
eRaptor (deceased)

eRaptor (deceased)

Narita Flying Club
View from approach to 16R at NRT
Narita Flying Club site

A Few Favourites
North Pacific 767 with tailwind
Fuji-san #1
Fuji-san #2

Fuji-san #3
Fuji-san #4
Fuji-san #5
French Frigate Shoals

Narita Airport

Venture into Plastic
SNS Spad. Flys Like a bought one!
Wait 'til the OAT is 1deg or less, then run your engine in! One or two tanks should do.
'Tree-D' Spad - it likes trees!
New wing - yellow one eaten by a tree

Interesting Video's & Links

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