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Portable full-height lift

Bridgeport Boss CNC Mill Restoration

The mill arriving at my shop

After Restoration- Good as New!

All New Electronics and Computer Controls
Contec Industrial PC
CNC Control Panel
Handheld Jog Pendant

Gecko G212 Stepper Drivers
Hitachi VFD and Power Supply

Dremel Advantage Router and Vinyl Decal Cutter Mount

Lathe Mounted to the Table- Instant CNC Lathe and Indexer!

Scratch-Built CCPM Electric Extreme Actro 34, 10S3P

My Old Workshop

First CNC Mill/Router/Vinyl Plotter Conversion

Scratch-Built CCPM X-Cell SE Extreme YS 91

Century Hawk 30SE w/TT39 and
Custom Frame and Rotor Head

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January 01 2007

June 26 2006

July 11 2005

October 25 2004

June 28 2004

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