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2002 Suzuki RM250 STOLEN 9-28-2008
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2002 Suzuki RM 250 that got stolen from my shed 9-28-2008 VIN JS1RJ18C722100784-Reported as stolen to the local and State Police. If you see this bike, please notify the police or contact me. Thanks alot!!

Verify VIN on frame by forks JS1RJ18C722100784
Pro Circuit Pipe, blue chain adjusters in rear and chain guide, red Tag handle bars, Rapid - V rear shock and new bark busters

All or Nothing's Gallery
Turn up the Volume and listen to "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals
"My Trip to Vermont on February 13, 2005 and my additional hobbies like guitar playing"
My blue 2002 Viper 700 and my wifes 2003 Viper 700
Hey Tony! Come on out to Mass this year and lets rip up the snow!
I sold the SRX 700 and bought the Viper for my wife, it has electric start and reverse :)
Get use to seeing the back, because you will never be in the front!

If it's snowing-This is where I'm going!
When it's just too cold to fly!
My wife- Very photogenic on her 1998 SRX 700 that I just sold
My friend with his new 2005 Ski-Doo Adrenaline 600

Me-Just chillin'
My wife and I
Danielle and I, All dressed up and no where to go!
My Ovation1992 Collectors 1868 Elite Single cut-away S/N #1179 of 1900 made I think

My AL2000 Agile Les Paul Copy? They say its not, its almost identical in looks and weight (10lbs)
Looking down on the Agile AL2000
The Ovation 1868 and Agile AL2000
Agile has Grover Tuning pegs, ceramic humbucker pickups, mahogony body, etc...Fits the Les Paul Case perfect

You wouldn't be able to tell the difference Real/Fake LP
My new Agile AL2500 and my 1992 Collectors Ovation 1868 Elite
My "Three Amigo's"!

New Hobby-"GEOCACHING" Look it up on the internet
My wife with our new hobby-"Geocaching"
Some geocaching trinkets that you may find- The witch is a Travel Bug-She travels across the country finding new homes in geocaches
Geocaching Goodies! Done with GPS Unit and directions from Geocaching website- Great fun for the family including kids
My wife and I on Congamond Lakes in Southwick-Middle Pond in an old row boat

"My Hirobo Lama OS37 with three bladed head-Way Cool!!!"
SA315B Lama

Just received Lama today12-18-05-"Merry Christmas to me!"
Lama with three bladed head-COOL!
Nice packaging by Hirobo A+
Holy Cow! Lots of parts, this will take time

Cool heli! Can't wait to try it!!
Three bladed head set up for Lama
Frame and servo tray about 25 minutes to assemble
Main Mast about 45 minutes to assemble

Miscellaneous part bags that need to be assembled
Another view of frame assembly
Print shot of frame assembly
Shot of rear with tank

Servo trays
Just added the landing gear-Looking good!
Bottom of heli
Tail Section

Another view of tail
Tail boom-Very tricky to put on-Bad directions
Notice the tail sag-You need to slide the first set of red trusses toward tail section on aluminum rods in order to fit properly and eliminate tail sag
Starting to come together now

I will have to install the servos and motor at a later date-Christmas cash low:)
Muffler will fit great (Once I get the OS 37 in there!
Tail boom looks so scale!
Canopy was a bit%h!!!!!Plastic bubble isn't to user friendly-but challenging

Waiting for the seats to get assembled
It's coming together fine
Thats as far as I got with it on day one-Must get to the gym
Starting to come alive-Just needs some paint and decals

A shot of the directions for the cockpit
Tail section and stabilizer fin
About 10 hours into it at this point-Still needs servos and motor installed along with paint and decals
Bad enough when the dog gets on the couch-Now its the helicopter-I'll get real mad when it starts bringing it's toys up there too!

Just taking a break-Getting tired now!
Tail section was a time consumer also-You need to slide the red tail truss closest to the heli backward in order to get the tail to fit properly
Where can I get a small guy to pilot this rig?
Nice interior-Lots of detail to paint

I heard that the decals are a pain in the arss to put on the canopy!
While installing console I installed a light kit with 9V battery to light up dash board-Looks great when lit
Just waiting decals and paint
Decals are all on now-Just need to install electronics and motor

I need to paint the motor and interior next

When I'm done, it will have dash lights installed
All the servos the motor,gyro and receiver are in now
The heli is pitched and painted ready for spool up

Flew it today for first hover- 100% done- Came out great!
Fake turbine looks cool! Added the red outline to the ducts-
Paint work is now complete-The realism is starting to show
The console has lights installed inside that work

Lights work great!

"Long Ranger by Hirbobo"
Long Ranger by Hirobo Enya 35 motor with GY401 Gyro
Fan section and GY401 gyro
Looking down the tail section
Lead weights to balance helicopter and battery

Just added a Navigation light kit to the Long Ranger
Looks pretty real!!I like the landing lights in the front:)
It looks like its ready to fly in the night

Hirobo "Long Ranger"

My Komodo Dragon

    Nothing beats an X-Cell Helicopter
"The Main Frame"
Hatori Tuned pipe and GY601 Gyro
Futaba GV-1 Governor and the YS91 Pumper
X-Cell Rotorhead
Another view

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