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size=5>my new pics
1920,s mid air refulling
one cool truck

my new heli transporter
does'nt it look like SENACA's old jeep
still standing after the hurricanes, just leening a bit

my daughter water sking
Carcharodon Megaladon i found diving vinece beach FL
me getting ready to go diving

my daughter in her new dive gear. she gets to take lessons by next summer

my bacyard
my back yard
my back yard
myback yard

veiw from SENACA'S front patio
down the street
down the street

car lot a block away

size=5>Bell 222
first scale heli
gear down
gear up

SENECA & myself
bell222's pass in sunset
this sure is fun

size=5>Sceadu 30

after a good days flying
one of my first low invert

man,i'm really having fun now
lost tail rotor control
firt attempt at a canopie

not to bad
this low stuff is fun

getting better
looks nice all finished up
what do you think?

new pipe courtesy of capebob

size=5>Raptor 60
os .61 sx-h wc

man, two in two weeks

size=5>Shuttle z & Shuttle +
first heli. i put the 300 on it
3 bladed head fun to fly

size=5>Eco 8
on 10 cell 3000mah nimh

size=5>The Fleet


size=5>Raptor v2
looks good on the first test flight
my brother and his v2

if you look close you can see joe sleeping
g2 skin by wademcgee

size=5>random stuff
SENACA works for the city mowing the feilds
and joe sleeping agean
sceadu 30 & matching G2 skin
g2 skin by wademcgee

SENECA's feet HEHE hehe
now this is the way to do it
could'nt do it any other way
dads and SENECAs trailers

dads first flight with no x gear
same flight no gear

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