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My 1st Heli - Rappy 30 V2 Matures into a 50 Then Mutates into a Hyper 3D Sadly now splitting for parts.
Large as life
Rappy 30 prior to tail servo failure
Rappy 30 post tail servo failure!
A touch of colour on a grey day

My Rappy 30 first inverted pics
Holographic tipped tail blades & free advert for
Canopy decals care of
Rappy 30 in night guise

Ere - You lookin' at my chopper?!
Hyper 3D canopy painted by Darren Clark

Multiplex IPD RX-7 extension lead with error count LED, button & diagnostic laptop connection

R/H view of avionics wiring
Close up of R/H view of avionics wiring
Uncovered view of GY601 & flight pack
L/H view of avionics wiring

Close up of L/H view of avionics wiring
Hyper 3D wiring loom with T9CHP Tx
Quick UK Tail gearbox & rotor assembly
Quick UK Tail gearbox & rotor assembly

Head setup of Hyper50 3D
Tail servo & pushrod
Hyper 3D in high hover
Hyper 3D in high, slow pass

"Sitting Pretty"
Hyper 3D in FFF
Tail-in hover

The BIG Brother to my Rappy 50 - The Awesome 90se
Mylo - eager to see what lurks inside
Red TT Paddle

Boom support brace
Tail setup
Tail servo & Breather
Main tank breather

Main gear

Head button
Header tank
Left close up
Front right

Gyro strap
Hatori SB-18FH
Frame mod for Hatori
Trimmed Canopy for Hatori

Collective tray
Front left side
Aerial restraint

Battery strap
My fleet

Hanging out
91t Main Gear & Quick UK Auto Hub
Aluminium Stiffeners removed

Aircraft I have flown during my training
My latest ride
The twins
Now sporting different paint scheme

Happy as a pig in sh.... after completing my 1st hour's flying
Off we go, no turning back

Yes, it is me in there
Running through the preflight checklist

In My Eyes, The Most Beautiful Helicopter

Work - Images & Aircraft
Live Line working method

'WIRE' at rest staying at Miskin Manor Hotel, South Wales

Heading home from a trip up North - these clouds bubbled up to an immense rain storm 3hrs later!!
'GRID' after a hard days flying
'WIRE' on task, (photo taken from G-LINE)
'GRID' catching some rays

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