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Eagle2-WC for sale January 01 2020

Hirobo Eagle3-WC VPUS - The Final Frontier - Sold

Hirobo Eagle3-WC with YS91ST - Assembly in progress - Sold
Screws that Dr Ben said to remove & refit (so as to "loosen" the factory Lock tight)
Heart of the VPUS system is the Elevator bellcrank that is "centred" on the mast by this bearing
Elevator bellcrank installed
Heart of the Eagle3 frames is this "Back bone"

Back bone makes the assembled frames very rigid
Polishing pinion
Eagle3 on Left
Note the shape on the Eagle3 teeth on RHS

Boost port before Moding
Exhaust port before Moding
Boost port after Moding
Exhaust port after Moding

YS91 power
Ready for install
Fuel tank rubbers easily ripped when fitting
Fel tank rubbers installed

LWR frames - Open
Trial assembly of LWR frames
I would like to see extra cross members here
All straight & square, ready for Loctite

Under mount, and most cross members fitted
Cyclic Servo tray assembled
Cyclic Servo tray ready for install
Servo tray Full FWD

Servo tray Full AFT
Servo tray installed LHS
Servo tray installed overhead
Servos installed

Off set for Cyclic servo horns
Both "under body mounts" installed
Rubber U/C mounts turned upside down for better fit

U/C Clamp bolts are too short, now replaced with 10mm bolts

Hirobo Freya R/F EC Replica - YS91ST - Beautiful, now with OS91SZ and MP5
Freya R/F EC LHS
Freya R/F EC RHS
Freya R/F EC

Freya R/F EC Tail box
Freya R/F EC
Freya R/F EC

Freya X-spec - OS91SZ-H Pump - Sold
Ready to Rock

Eagle 2 97 spec - OS91 C-spec Cline - "WC look alike"
Eagle 2 '97 Spec
Eagle 2 '97 Spec
Eagle 2 '96 Spec
Eagle 2 '96 Spec

Doing what it does best...
...F3C Hovering :)

Old School Project - Eagle'91 - Keep watching!!!
Eagle 1 Needs Canopy
Eagle 1 awaiting refurbishment
Eagle 1 awaiting refurbishment

EX Push Pull
Stack frames in the making
Stack frames in the making
After making the stack frames, I found the real thing...

Real Old School - Hirobo Falcon 555 - Sold

OS 61SFN with Eagle clutch
OS 61SFN with Eagle clutch
Stork Engine mount

Freya X-spec - OS91SZ-H - Sold

with FFZ-III

Freya EX WC - YS91STR - Fastest heli I've ever flown - Sold

Eagle 2 98 spec - Enya 61 - Real NICE!!! - Sold
Eagle 98 spec LHS
Eagle 98 spec RHS
Eagle 98 spec SSR-IV
Eagle 98 spec Teeth!!!

Sceadu EVO - Sold (for better or for worse)

Caliber 5 ver M - Rolls real Nice - Sold
Caliber 5 ver M RHS
Caliber 5 ver M LHS
Caliber 5 ver M

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