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my first trex 700
my wife had this cake made for my birthday

real service

My Third Trex Build
almost done
getting there

both sides
one side of frame
all bearing blocks
first bearing block

grass cutter guru
trex 600 and 500
Heli Joe talking to Glenn

Crash Sunday
lost tail control
busted gyro,both frame sets,all tail slider assembly,boom supports,stripped 3 9252 servos,and new canopy

new uploads bills raptor 90
inverted grass cutting

steves trex 600

My New Canopy

few more stonecrest photos
my trex 600s
big planes

Regular Sunday Fly
bills trex 450
bill and steve
steves trex 700

steves trex 500
bills trex 600 picture of the year [CURVED BLADES]
bills trex 600
bills raptor 90 and gasser

wild bill

2.4 fasst upgrade
my 9c super
tm-7 module

My Fleet Two Trex 600 s
my second trex crashed about 5 or 6 times
my first trex, never crashed
my heli trailer

Me and Morgan
me and Morgan walking
walking again
morgan and kennith

Heli pilots at Stonecrest funfly
heli pilots

My first hover
my first heli raptor 30

stonecrest funfly june 5 2010
my wife,morgan and kennith
my little pilot who tried to work on blakes helicopter
blakes trex 700

new friend blake mcbrayer
stonecrest funfly
pit area

steve spotting for jack
steve tearing it up

blakes raptor 90
wendy, rose,and lois
jack and his plane

steve and dano
bill and his raptor 30

/gallery/24599/055.jpg [desc]
morgan sleeping
my wife and trex 600 s

Southern Ohio funfly
southern ohio funfly
bill taking a ride

me and kennith taking a ride
camc helicopter
my wife posing

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