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First group of three Dolphins
Second group of the three
groups (total : 9 Dolphins fly-by, it was noisy)
Formation fly-by.
Note: 3 more helis at
the bottom right corner

My first heli: Humming 20 from 1978

Fix pitch. Used Fuji 25 engine. No cooling fan. Used hugh heat sink to cool the engine down. Wood frame with alumimum tail boom & skid. Tail rotor, tail fins were made of balsa wood. No indication in manual on the pitch angle, just twist the nylon block on rotor header to whatever you feel comfortable with. Tail gear was exposed - to dust and everything. Note the air foil, it used flat bottom airfoil.
Heli under construction
B&W Pics
Humming 20
Start the engine
from below

Servos from the 70's

Six servos on the left
are from the 70's
Logitec, Micro, Micro,
servo from HK, Futaba
EK logic (the
'micro' servo at the time)
from 2000: Tower Pro & GWS
Servo Amp in the Logitec,
uses ordinary resistors
& transistors
Logitec & GWS micro
for comparision, Logitec
was the standard size servo
See how big it was,
& heavy too

Top view
The servo connector,
it uses 4 wires
the older one
uses all 7wires.
GWS micro servo
for comparison

Current Equipment

My fleet for air & land marine.
My radios.

JR heli radio from 78-79 for the Humming 20

This all metal helicopter radio was from JR back in 78-79. It didn't have any dual rate, mixing or servo reverse. It was on 27MHz FM (an advance feature at that time). The top of the radio has 4 special knobs for the ATS system and a switch to turn the system on/off. The knobs control the response of the rudder servo with respect to the rate of change of the throttle. How fast the rudder response and the magnitude of the defection of the rudder servo - all done on the trasmitter (without micro processor/computer), no gyro.
The gimbal stick.
ATS system on
top of radio
Top right switch
is a timer
I added to the radio
Other side of the radio

Lable on the back
of radio
Front of the radio
Another view

JR plane radio around 1980

A JR custom Tx case
from 1980...
and its content, you're
right, I fly mode I.
Another view
Snap roll & throttle
hold buttons

All VR pots, no computer!
The other half
No surface mount either
All electronics mixing, no computer

Heli from the same era

Baron 40?
A lot of Falcons
Falcons with
broken wings

Touch and go on the surface of a pond by a high wing plane with wheels, not ski or floats
Touch and go on
the surface of a
pond by a high wing
with wheels.
Well, it touchs the water
surface, come to a stop
instantly and floats instead.
Picture shows
the parts from the plane.

My Helper

My Helper
Safe way to keep
the Tx from snow damage

For Sale

New Zap/ShoGun/Zoom 400/Micro Star. From Toronto-Canada area.

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