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My other flying machine Triumph Daytona 675
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My Heli transporters

Comet 500
Comet 500 with Trex ESC & Motor, Futaba 401 Gyro

Align Trex 600 & 450
My Trex 600 CF
Trex 600 CF

First Test Flight with my Bell 222
Bell 222 pre flight checks, Raptor 30 V2 with CCPM
Checking engine sound & vibrations
More pre flight checks, getting worried now

Just about to lift.
Safe back on ground with Trex 600 in back ground

My Robbe Spirit Pro SE
My Spirit Pro SE
Spirit Pro SE

Raptor 90 SE
Raptor 90 SE with GV1 Governor
Raptor 90 SE with OS 91 'C' Spec
Raptor 90SE

My Raptor 90 SE at my local flying field.
Me and my baby.
My Raptor 90 SE with the remains from the frost.
My Raptor 30 V2

This was one of my Raptor 30's after a club member tried his hand at hovering, Training legs smashed as well.

Some of my fixed wings
Pitt's and trainer on Walney beach.

Cap 232
Sun bathing.
Mustang Park flyer

Groove 480
Cesna 182

My Radio's
My 14MZ with Trex 600 in backgrownd

Pick's from work.

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