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Welcome to "The Hanger"! Enjoy the pictures.
The Old tool box-to-flight box & the new purpose built flight box
Back of flight box
Power panel module
Removable flight deck
Evo Secured for transport

Completed interior of flight box
Parts of the securing system
Both helos locked
Ready for transport

Waiting to be secured in my truck
Modified with bigger wheels & new paint.
New, smaller box
It's a bit lighter than the old box

Holds everything the bigger box did

Three big boxes fresh off the big brown truck.
This is how it came out of box 1.
Contents of the LONG box.
Pretty isn't it?

First photo op.
The big and the little. Both are a blast!
Yes, I've had an "oops". This was back in April after about 8 flights. This was the first bounce!
First flight after the re-build with the Hanson modified engine; SMOOTH!

End of a successful flight.
Flying away.
Ready for lift off!
Come to Papa!

Here is a good shot of my start handle access mod. Easy to do and well worth it.
Here's a nice shot of the generator. I HIGHLY recommend this option.
Ramoth flexing her rotors at the club field. Fellow club memeber got this shot.

Banking hard and fast!

My Sceadu Evo 50/Hughes 500D (Ruth)
Completed Evo 50
My very 1st flight!
Evo 50 mounted to reversed Freya struts/skid pipes

Skid tips cut to receive nav lights.
Maxx Lights nav lights.
Hole drilled in strut/skid pipe for wire to exit.

Light wire running up back of strut.
Getting ready to install the heat shrink over the wire/strut.
Completed struts.
The modified struts installed.

About ready for the machanics to be installed.
In-flight picture taken at club fun-fly
My very first trophy - 1st place!
The two award winners.

My 50 size and Ed's 30 size 500's

My Freya (traded for the Vigor)
New Freya being inventoried
Steps 1-7 left side
Step 28 right side
Steps 30-36

Steps 30-36 close up

My Hawk Pro w/OS37 (Saphira - R.I.P.)
doing inventory of all the parts
Saphira graphics designed by Callie
Just completed
Ready for the first test flight

New CF blades
The end of Saphira. The damage was ALOT worse than it looked here.

My T-Rex 450SA AirWolf & Now AS-350 A-Star (Puff)
HS 65 servos used
Just got home from Hobby Town
Newest dragon, Puff

Close up of ESC/motor wiring
Antenna routing

Air Wolf patch
retract servo mount
Retract linkage

Completed the first test flight
My little Airwolf

My Vigor CS/Sea King (Mnementh)
The Vigor CS I traded my Freya for.
This will be the "guts" of the Sea King.
Look what Santa brought me!

How it looked straight out of the box.
Practice rivets on the Vigor canopy.
Sea King taped together & on display at club fun fly.
Front view of wood substructure

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